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Why Do YOU Lift?


I was just reading one of Ian King's articles, and something occured to me that should have occured to me a long time ago: people weight lift for different reasons (eureka?...)

Personally, I'm going down the bodybuilding path so I look better for the girls (think Micah LaCerte).

What about you? Do you lift for sports conditioning,powerlifting, for the gals, for health, self-motivation?


Sanity number 1. Girls number 2!


I'm a very angry person, So I lift to ease the my anger. It's better than smashing someone's face in.


I'm training hard in the hopes that aliens will attack earth and I will be forced to fight them (like in all these video games kids play these days).

Sorry, it just popped into my head.

Oh, and for all the other benefits, i.e. health, strength, the ladies!



So that if a cannibal had the choice between eating me, and the average, obese person, he'd choose the obese guy, because he has more meat.


I'm fighting old age.

The notion of "aging gracefully" is a load of crap. I'm going out kicking and screaming.


Because I'm 5'6 and I cant take over Europe yet...gotta have something to occupy my time


i concur w/ every answer thus far.

and its not about the aliens... its about the zombies...

zombies man...creep me out.


I would hope lifting weights would give you more meat than the obese guy. Except for calves. Damn those obese people and their awesome calves.


1) Health and Strength

2) To Look Good Nekkid...

(and not necessarily in that order!)



cuz there's nothing else to do...


Zombies are fucked, man......

It's on eof the following reasons:

I lift so that when the war comes, I am big and strong enough to hunt and kill other people for their meat.

I am actually trying to get back to where I was about 10 years ago. 6 foot, 265lbs 14% body fat. Big, strong and in good shape.


i REALLY like being strong. that and i don't want to wind up as zombie food. prepare for the zompocalypse brothers, preapre well.


Rah-Knee, your avatar never ceases to shock me. Also, it seems fitting to post something about zombies with said picture.


To make injuries go away and never come back, then to help me with cycling.


Napoleon Complex.


All of the above ^


I like it.


1.I have always liked being strong. Lifting helps to make me stronger.
2.Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps my head together.
3. I don't like tail gaters or wreckless drivers. Last time I chased a guy down and terrorized him and his wife, I almost got arrested. Good thing the cop lifted too. We ended up shootin the shit about lifting and supps. When I told him that I was just all wound up from lifting, he understood, laughed it off and said he gets that way a lot too.
(thats why I used sometimes in #2)


The secret reason I started this thread was so that I might be re-assured that I wasn't the only one lifting just to look good nekkid. Phew... I felt like a pansy not lifting purely for strength. Now I can officially start my powerlifter-bashing campaign. Although I do envy their ability to drink beer without worrying about their waist size. =/

Yet something about complaining that beer messes up my waistline just doesn't sit well with my masculinity.