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Why Do You Lift?


Simple: Why do you lift? What was that spark that go you off your ass and in a gym?

Functionality? Health? Competition? Recreation? Asthetics? Obviously the perks to lifting are vast and limitless, but what was the main reason that fueled your need to pick up something heavy?

Functionality and health are mine. The thought of being 50-60+ and not being able to do shit with my life is frightening and unacceptable.


There are a billion threads about this, but carry on.


To intimidate small children.


Daddy issues.

Lol seriously though - all the reasons u listed and a few more to boot :slight_smile:


It's an easy goal to hit right off the bat of a new day.

I enjoy being strong.

It makes my body look fucking awesome.

It is healthy.

It is a huge stress buster. When tension starts to pile up there is nothing quite like a morning full of deadlifts to break the stress.

I played sports as a kid. From soccer with the little nerf ball as a 5 yr. old to pretty much every sport I could play in high school, excluding soccer. Mom and dad set me up on that one. And now, if I'm not active and athletic, I just feel weird. Something is missing.


Mostly, because it FEELS awesome!!! If lifting weights didn't feel awesome few people would do it. Same goes with booze, sex, drugs, listening to music etc.


I lift, therefore I am


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Great story Push! A stark contrast to the junkies I come across who sit and stare across at you because they don't even realise you're there! I jest, sorta.

I actually started because I lived a very sedentary lifestyle after high school, and decided a couple of years ago that I would quit smoking and drinking and change my life before the midlife crisis. I took up weights to avoid the inevitable fatness an increased appetite from a lack of cigs would bring and quickly realised - I really enjoyed it.

With strength comes confidence, and with confidence comes the assurance that you can push yourself through situations or activities that you may have shied away from before. For instance, in my case, rock climbing and martial arts.

Plus it's a real help when bringing the groceries in =P


I remembered that thread as soon as I opened it.

Push I recun you dont ever go out without a side arm now do you?


When I read that story I actually pictured him in furs with a massive battleaxe slung cross his back lol.





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sports, but since then...

mastered street fighter II and have since lost interest in video games.

have had the internet since i was 14 and have lost interest in surfing for porn.

bascially a general lack of hobbies or interests outside of sports or working out, but i will admit i still

like ending fights without having to throw a punch and as we all know it doesnt hurt when

it comes to picking up chicks.


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So that no one rapes my family.


That's a good story.

It reminds me of last Summer, before I had to quit working out due to a health issue. I was arguing with someone at the office about strength. He said it was pointless to be strong in life and that's why he stopped lifting (total lie, but that's a different topic). One of my points was that being strong could help you in an emergency in real life.

That same day I left the office bit later than usual, took the tramm and this drunkard tried to get out on the next step, but was too slow and the doors closed, but the security system reopened them, but the tramm driver didn't realize, so the tramm started going faster and faster. The drunkard was like, half hanging from the door and too drunk to step back.
I quickly crossed the wagon, grabbed him and pulled him in (mind there are two big steps by the exits at the tramms). I suppose that an untrained person would have been able to pull him in as well, but that day I really felt I had to train harder to get stronger.

I started lifting because a friend pressured me to do it. He was sure that it would help me with my confidence, depression issues, etc. It really did.
Now I want to be very big and strong. I know it will take a while, but I enjoy the time spent at the gym, so it's all good.


Hahahahahahaahaha so where is he buried? Wait....probably not a good idea to disclose that on a public forum.


I wanted to be the first one on my block to crush a grown man's skull with my bare hands.