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Why Do You Inject Test SubQ?

I just confused how the testosterone enters the FAT tissue, this is the whole Dr. John Crisler approach. does he explain how the Oil gets into your Fat layer? i know we want it in our blood stream properly. is it any chance it can get into your Lungs through your Fat tissue in Belly & make you COUGH up?????

Or is that smart thinking logic or am i just PARANOID, and can inject OIL in my belly all the time without any Repercussions??? meaning Spilling gear back out of your belly. Infection higher, and Abscess occurrence much higher, including Sterile abscess???

It’s less invasive to your body, i.e. you’re not poking holes into muscle constantly.

Also allegedly there is a slower absorption and less of an effect on e2.

I’m subq now.

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if the less impact on the E2 estrogen is true, that’s fantastic i love to get the Higher testosterone without nipples aching or tingling or any higher estrogen stuff. I might just try it out sometime soon Bro. @roscoe88

Be careful how much you inject this way. I did too much (about 0.5 ml) and it made a red welt and hurt and didnt go away for about a week

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You are quite a bit leaner in the belly than I am but I have done up to .95ml and never noticed anything.

My dose of 30mg test and 285iu of hcg amounts to .264ml in my syringe. No issues in belly.

IM for me. I haven’t seen anything solid other than ‘bro science’ to indicate the benefits of sub q.


DO ALL you guys here who injected Test SUBQ did you do it straight in belly @ 90 degrees angle, or did you inject it on a side angle 45 degrees like you would with HCG? just wondering @studhammer @NH_Watts @roscoe88

Eh, doesn’t really matter.

I do about 90 degrees into the belly. I put my test and hcg into one syringe so it’s only 1 shot.

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I just swab and stick it in. Usually close to 90 degrees.

I pinched the skin and injected at the base of the “pinch”

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is it how like John Crisler did it? directly facing into the stomach. No side angle yeah? just double checking

I’m not familiar with his method. Sorry

just needed a little rub after.

LOL! Dude I rubbed the shit outta that! For about 3 days.

I only tried it once. I prefer IM. No PIP, no lumps, no pain

Really? I am prone to those red lumps. I usually get the problem when I inject close to the skin I think.

I injected .5ml once and I had no issues, and I think I didn’t even rub it really.

Is there a concern of SUBQ messing up and going straight into blood stream rather in SubQ fat? is that even possible to mess up SUBQ injection, can anyone tell me who has done these Please. @anon10035199

That’s highly unlikely. It would have to be injected into a vein and that would fuck you up with a big oil embolism

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Whether you inject sq or im, the test is still going to be assimilated into your body.

You’re overthinking danny.

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So there is zero veins 2 to 3 inches away from Belly button yes? @studhammer Thanks again i probably going with SubQ