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Why Do You Hate Crossfit?


just want get valid opinions on this subject. please post reasonable explanations.


People hate Crossfit for the following reasons:

  1. They don't like CFr's attitudes. But fail to realize they have the very same one about whatever they are doing.
  2. They think Glassman is a fat ass. But fail to realize so is (was) Dave Tate, so was CT, and so is (was) Dan John, etc.
  3. They don't realize Glassman is probably a fatass because he is handicap from some injury - unlike the others I mentioned; and Dave Tate would probably be handicapped if it wasn't for his copious amounts roids (not that there is anything wrong with that).
  4. They think Glassman is mean and says mean things and it hurts their feelings. But they forget that so does Dave Tate, PQ and practically every other coach that writes for T-Nation.
  5. They think they are the "real" athletes and the CFr's are not. Whatever the hell that means. If they think so the CF games are open to anyone. Sign up and go kick their asses.
  6. They think Glasman and CF as a whole say they invented everything they do. But they don't realize Glassman never said that. They also don't realize that nothing the T-Nation coaches say or write is original either. Somebody, somewhere has done it all before.
  7. CFrs are good looking and they are ugly. Ugly people are always jealous of the good looking ones.


Workout selection is random, no real focus on progressive overload, you barely improve limit and maximal strength plus the training stlye is crazy dangerous with no real benefit ( 100 reps power cleans or kettlebell swings, etc)


Crossfit I like, arrogant crossfit jerks I hate who think they know what they are doing just because they have a crossfit T-shirt on. But are unable to perform the exercises properly and use the power rack for olympic ring pullups when they can go outside and do that crap.

Crossfit is excellent if you are coached correctly and are able to perform the lifts and train with intensity. What kills me is the are plenty of Azz Clowns who watch videos of claim they are crossfitters. What's even more funny is watching them squat 1/4 way down with a perfect arch in their back and then want to interrupt me while squatting (not after I finish a set) to ask if they can do some pullups and burpees in the power rack.


So Dave Tate broke his back, tore his calf muscles in half, on and on and on...and CF is dangerous? Somebody sounds like he was protected by his mommy for too long.


To be real honest cool-aide drinkers freak me out a little, because like someone else said recently (can't think of his name) "I'm just waiting for them to sacrifice a lamb any second.

But, I have a lot of respect for how hard some of those people work. I would rather the two in my gym be there then some of the tools prancing about. Those guys bust their balls, and it's hard not to respect that, and have that work ethic help motivate push you further.

I don't hate it, just not in line with my goals.


Dont hate it, I just think it serves no purpose in helping me reach my goals.


  1. They don't like the idea that cultfit is a superior training methodology for ALL specifications, INCLUDING bodybuilding. That brand of arrogance is irritating.
  2. Dave Tate is an elite powerlifter. CT was a successful olympic lifter before he turned to bodybuilding. Dan John has had years of success as a coach in track and field and highland games. The only thing to my knowledge that Glassman has been successful at is creating the biggest fitness scam of the past decade. There is much more to being successful in the world of strength than being lean, and the fact that you are trying to prove a point to the extent of the opposite shows exactly how green you are.
  3. Here comes the crossfitter's favorite strawman: "Yeah but so and so does steroids! NTTAWWT.."
  4. They think Glassman is an asshole with nothing to back up his self proclaimed expertise. Dave Tate is a champion powerlifter, has trained with the best in the world. CP has trained more olympic athletes than Glassman has seen on TV. When you do big things, then people are more likely to accept your big talk.
  5. They think that Cultfit's arrogant assertion that "I am good at the Xfit games, therefore, I am better at (insert mainstream sport) than those who train specifically for that mainstream sport" is insulting and asinine.
  6. No one cares where Glassman got his ideas, they hate the way in which he and his cult members present that information as vastly superior to all other training methodologies.
  7. Fuck you.


that wasn't really his point. we all know that any lifting has the potential for injury. his point was that most non-cf lifters believe that doing olyimpic lifts (which rely heavily on near flawless technique for their safe execution) in a fatigued state, especially at high reps, carries a far greater risk for injury.


I dont even know what crossfit is nor do i want to.


I have to admit, I have no idea was cross fit is. Consider this a confession.


I quite like crossfit and include workouts that appeal to me in my own workouts. I don't go to a gym so I dont encounter any of the loons.

I don't like the philosophy around food and bodyfat but that is probably partly responsible for its success. It seems like a recipe for eating disorders. Along the same lines, the philosophy seems to be dishonest about it being all about performance and not appearance but why the obsession with bodyfat then? But they're not the only one full of shit in that regard. Everywhere I turn there is someone claiming their training all about health and they don't care about looks but fussing over a bit of fat on the abs.


Crossfit thinks that they invented some new form of exercise when all of the things they do have been around for 30-40 years AT LEAST.

The extreme devotion to the "Method of Crossfit" to the extent of scorning any other training philosophies.

Acting like Crossfit is anything but the latest fitness fad.


I have heard this argument before and it is semi valid EXCEPT that most high rep Olympic lifts they do are done with relatively light weights...so no harm is done.


Crossfit workouts are too hard for me to do so I just stick with pink dumbbells and do a 5 way split.


Same here. But I do know that Crossfit can turn normal female bodies into outstanding female bodies.


  1. > I have never heard anyone with half a brain that does Crosffit say that. The opposite is said in their lit.
  2. > No crap - but whenever people hate on Glassman they always just call him a fat ass and then say he is a dumbass because he prescribes high rep Olympic lifts (which my wrestling coach kind of used to do as well be he was a sadomasochistic prick; maybe they have something in common).
  3. > Hey dickhead - I REALLY don't have a problem with people taking steroids. Would do so myself if it wasn't illegal.
  4. > Glassman has done big things. A lot of people know a lot more about fitness than they used to do and a lot of people's lives have been changed from it for the better. Far more than T-nation has. Also - I discovered T-nation, by recommendation of some CFrs. There are a lot of engineers that have never flown a plane but have built some damn good ones.
  5. > Response to #1.
  6. > So does T-nation.
  7. You are ugly and gay.


Then I don't get why anyone would hate it.


I fully support this statement


there is still harm in the sense that when performing the lift in a fatigued state you are going to be using sloppy form regardless of the weight. this reinforces poor technique and a faulty movement pattern in the lifter.

this can lead to overuse injuries (becuase the lifter isn't using the correct muscles / form for the lift) or a fairly serious injury if the lifter uses the same poor form when he does used a heavier weight and fails.