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Why do we need to consume so much water only to look and feel bloated?

I drink 204 oz of water a day and when I look in the mirror I look so bloated. Remind me again why we need to drink so much water? Also if we wanted to get the lean look wouldn’t we want to consume much less water?

You look bloated because you like electrolytes (namely salt) too much and probably don’t do much cardio.

You don’t need that much water. A gallon would be fine. You drink water for the same reason that you need fat for a “lean” look

Wow nArKeD how did you know all of that. Rolling eyes. Thanks for putting a lot of thought into answering my question.

We drink water to help flush lactic acid and other waste from the muscle tissue that is being taxed by work-outs. Drinking enough water will improve muscle recovery time, reduce soreness and improve skin too boot.

BTW: a temporary reduction in water consumption, plus flushing out excess water in your tissue will give a leaner look but is not healthy for the kidney & liver. Okay before a competition (or beach day) but otherwise avoid that practice.

The fact is that if you drink too much water you’ll just be pissing constantly. Water retention is based on either a lack of available water or too much electrolyte consumption. If you don’t do any cardio the electrolytes are slow to be removed from the body. If you’re on a high calorie diet it is easy to eat a lot of salt as it makes everything so tasty. Drinking water is good for you. 204oz. a day is not excessive for a man over 200 pounds.

A question this cut and dry doesn’t merit a lot of thought. He answered your question, didn’t he?

Cut back to 203oz and you should be fine…


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i weigh 125 lbs and i drink that much water!

There is a such thing as too much water, “water toxicity”. You can actually do some damage by drinking too much. Its rare but it does happen

You blaot has nothing to do with the water you are drinking!

Water is not the culprit. How much carbs are you eating per day?