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Why Do This?

I’ve just finished reading a post which describes taking winny and capping it.

Is there some reason you can’t just dump it in a protein shake assuming you had a small measuring spoon?

Does it have to be capped in order to make it through the stomach or is it just that it tastes bad and capping makes it tolerable?

Do you have a scale that can measure out accurately 25 -50mg? likely not. That amount is so small that it is easier to either cap the winny or put it in suspension for ease of use and dosing on a routine basis.

But yes, you could just eat the winny powder as is.

Well, I was curious because if stomach acids were to degrade the winny I could see the reason to cap it - but if that’s not a concern I thought that one could make a water based solution and squirt it down the hatch.

Ah, excuse me, I meant suspension, not solution.

excuse me but ‘suspension’ is a water or oil based application. Some people sometimes drink their injectable winny too if it was cheaply made by an UG lab and clogged too many needles. Stomac acids don’t degrade the winny. And capsules do not protect medication from the stomac, the capsules disolve as soon as they enter the stomach. Only medications wich are ‘entericly coated’ are somewhat protected from being exposed in the stomach, and this is for the protection of the stomach lining as in aspirin for eg. not the integrity of the medication.