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Why Do Some People Ramp Up and Taper Off?

What’s the literature say about doing this?

I see people do

1-6 400mg test E
6-12 500mg Test E

and sometimes they even taper off. Is any of that necessary? Most places I read no one tapers on or off. What gives?

Look at history and this is only my opinion but I think there is something behind it. Back in the 70-80s guys definitely pyramid dosed. Start small build up to a peak then taper down. Supposedly it could help with side effects or allowed better recovery because your last pin was 75 mgs vs 200mgs on a steady dose schedule.

So the question is why did EVERYBODY do this? The answer in my opinion is Arnold the king of the body builders. There is an interview with him where he says pyramiding is key and essential but if you get the whole interview it’s obvious he is talking about pyramiding weight and reps for muscle growth. If you don’t read or see the entire interview it does sound like he is talking about pyramiding steroids from the way the interview was edited. I’m not sure if it is part of Pumping Iron or maybe the extended version of pumping iron, I have seen the video of the interview I just can’t place it. I went and read the entire interview and realized he was not talking about steroids its just everyone thought he was and it got parroted like today and the internet.

As far as I understand it, pyramiding the dose is not only pointless but could actually make sides worse in some situations.

Otherwise if they just jump from 400 to 500 or something like that then I bet they are just trying to use all the oil in the bottle and not have any left. They didn’t have enough to run 500 the entire time so.

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I second this.

The only thing I see it doing is spiking levels mid cycle when levels are just starting to even out thus causing more side effects. UNLESS there is some major benefit to this spike I don’t think it’s a good idea.

As far as going down in dose at end of cycle I know there is a whole group of people out there who swear by the “test taper” at the end of a cycle as a way to get your balls producing naturally. I personally think this is bullshit as studies have shown one simple shot of low dose test can shut you down.