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Why Do People Use Religion to Hide Bigotry?


Ever wonder this?
-Gay marriage
-"Holy wars"
I am a closet atheist in real life because I am afraid that if the Christian clients find out I am not one of them they will not use my services. But they have no problem at all telling me about their beliefs. Is it just an excuse to be a bigot?


sounds, like your a pussy.


Agreed, your a pussy.


Really? I live in Oklahoma right now. A very large % of the people who use my services go to church twice a week. Most are homophobes. If they found out I was an atheist I would lose business. How is that being a pussy?


Then you'd better make sure also not to tell them you are a fag.


Well if you are anywhere near the Westboro baptist church than I'd say your fears are justified. Outside of this here forum I discuss religion with almost noone, ever. So I am not sure how it'd come up in casual conversation. However, if it does come up in an appropriate space, i think you should stand up for what you believe. As long as you are respectful then it should be no problem.
Worst thing evangelicals will try to do is convert you, which could actually increase traffic.


Yeah, you'd better keep that one to yourself or Fred Phelps and company would be out in force....However, it could be great fun to shoot them with a pellet gun from your roof so it could be a lot of fun too.


So, you choose to misrepresent yourself, or at least avoid saying anything, for profit. Harsh life you have there.


Well I have been with my wife for ten years, I guess I better not tell her or my two kids that I am a fag. This is exactly what I am talking about. Why is it socially accepable to hate gay people, and atheists but no other groups? I'll tell you why: Religion.


I don't think it is harsh.


Ok, I'll cancel the fattymcfatso human rights relief fund I was just about to start up.


I say use the same rules many Christians live by.


Well hell, how were we supposed to know that....

And bullshit. Hatred is against our religion. You're all wound up about a specter that doesn't exist.
Well you do live in Westboro country, but I tell you you are more Christian than they are. It's a greater sin to beleive do evil in the name of God than it is to not believe in God.


My comment was a joke. Guess I needed to put a little winky guy there for you :wink:

Oh, and you forgot it's still okay to hate fat people and female asian drivers. Unless the latter is hot.


You know you dont have to be religious to hate gays. If being an atheist is all that it takes for you to lose business your probably not that good at your job in the first place.

and when was the last time there was a "holy war" and while i am on the subject of ideological killings more people in the 20th were killed by communist states with state enforced atheism than any religion.

And what about "black churches", as far as i know the vast majority of churches worldwide aren't segregated, people self segregate naturally. Or you could be referring to ethnocentric religions such as the nation of Islam or black christian theology, in regard to that people have the right to believe in whatever they like whether its some nutty religion or the atheist Hitlers belief in a superior blond haired blue eyed Germanic master race you can find bigots in any ideological belief system.


I am less concerned about my yearning to tell people that their belifs are B.s. than I am with the consistent and blatent public gay bashing by people who are actually trying to run to be the leaders of this country.


If you don't like 1freedom of speech, there are plenty of countries were citizens cannot enjoy the right to speak freely you can move to.

Are you sure your not a fairy, you seem very passionate about the gays.


It's disappointing to see people I normally like and respect using a derogatory slur to describe gays, regardless of whether or not they happen to be religious.


Sorry you are just wrong. How many Christians are in the closet? How many atheists are? I can promise you neither you nor I know, but I am guessing there are way more atheist's hiding how they really feel than Christians.Why do you think that is? It is very socially acceptable to wear a cross, (which I have never understood by the way(why not just wear a guilotine, or a friking machine gun around your neck))


I thought you might get upset.

I'm sorry. I meant it as a sarcastic joke and I stated so afterward.

It was certainly not meant in any sort of seriousness.