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Why Do People Think They Can Fight?


All I was saying was that you should be careful hitting people in the face because if you miss (heaven forbid that day comes) you will end up with teeth in your knuckles. This only covers real fights.

I have seen the result on one of the best muay thai/ street fighters I know. Shit happens, sometimes you miss...


when fighting without gloves, punch with open hand. palm strike can be just as strong and devastating. at least that's what my mma coach with 35 years of experience tells me.


hey guys,
people are talking about what knuckles to hit with, where, or open palm..
in fight, especially one if you are up against more than one attacker, you dont have time to think what or where, you just go.
adrenaline and the survival instinct takes over.

sure it helps if you're a trained martial artist, but unless you constantly get into 1 on 5 brawls, and win, there is no real way to know whats going to happen, no matter how much training you've had.


Fair enough :slight_smile:



Why do you have to be so difficult!

I bet you think guns are more dangerous than knuckles too don't you smarty pants?


They can be.
What's your point, bitch?


Oh no! and I was really enjoying this thread... suppose it's inevitable that when you talk about fighting that people begin to...


my buddy, lets say "bob," was telling me he knows bjj from watching tv, i told him hes like a swimmer thats never been in the water. my other buddy knows a guy who teaches bjj and "bob" said he would grapple w/ him. two days later "bob" tell me he grappled w/ him and submitted him "in like 30 seconds," and that "this ends our argument as to whether or not you could learn jiu jitsu on tv." i found out the next day that the bjj teacher had been in vegas for that week. needless to say, i gave "bob" endless shit and i still call him royce gracie to this day.


I call it yellow belt syndrome. regardless of whatever martial art you do the "baddest" guys in the gym are the guys who have been there for 6months to 1 year and have learned 1 or 2 new moves and all of a sudden think they are superman, those are the douches who "train" and go around getting into fights.


My power is discombobulatingly devastating I could feel is muscle tissues collapse under my force. It's ludicrous these mortals even attempt to enter my realm.


Those with the least experience have the most to prove. They either leave or get knocked down enough to learn better.


I think boxer's fracture is fracture of one of the metacarpals - usually of the pinky or index finger, as they are smaller and less supported by the wrist and hand bones.

Last time I was in a fight, I managed to get myself one of these - fracture of the fifth metacarpal hand bone.

Of course, I thought I can fight... Oh, well. Didn't get an invasive treatment, so the bone healed a little off place. My grip suffered a little, but fortunately, I managed to pass my "yellow belt" period without further accidents.




Real fighters V.S. Smucks who thought they could

Turkish boxer

Mike Vallely tough ass skater

A real reason to actually fight

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Usually it's either the pinky or ring finger metacarpal.

One of the black belts I train with is also an ER nurse and has said that he's never seen anyone come in with a broken pointer or middle finger metacarpal due a misplaced punch. He has seen plenty of pinky and ring metacarpal fractures though.

Which, is one of the primary reasons I'm not a big fan of vertical fist punching.