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Why Do People Think They Can Fight?


CaliLaw just knows hes tough because if all else fails, his 6 cop buddies got his back, and have beatsticks.


I cant imagine how tuff I would be if I had that entourage!


Everyone can fight, if you can move, \or throw a punch, or bite or grab, or eye gouge, you are putting up a fight. Not everyone is a trained fighter. Not everyone is good at grappling and striking. Not everyone is good at fighting.


It's pretty obvious what was meant. I don't know why you would go to the trouble to nitpick on a topic like that.


I went through the trouble to nitpick because it is true, and I would say the vast majority of the people I meet do not think that they are good boxers, or think they are good fighters.


1) because nobody's going to say "i'm a wimp." in that case you're just asking for some insecure guy who can't fight either is going to come pick on you.

i've noticed this alot with the street fighter/thug crowd. i do mma and bjj but i've met some who insist they are tougher because they are "from da streetz yo!" and say "yo, you gotta know how to street fight." it's fucking ridiculous because guys like that come into my mma gym all the time and they quit after 2 weeks of training.


Nice avatar.


The more I train, the more I realise I suck, so the more I train.

For people who quit after two weeks- you cant choose your fights like you can where you train... Now doesn't that suck!?


I remember I always thought I could kick ass, and the normal guy I can, but someone who actually trains MMA and fights? Hell no.

I'm a bouncer so I've been in my fair share of street fights, inside and outside of the bar, and I haven't gotten my ass handed to me yet. However, you do realize how much you suck and how much experience helps. I remember the first few fights I kept closing my eyes mid punch and I kept throwing looping punches, which meant I had to take quite a few punches in return.

But nowadays I've learned to make sure I keep my eye on the target and use straight punches most of the time. Saves me from being hit.

So all in all I have like 15 minutes of fight time and it has helped me a lot vs the average guy. But I can't imagine fighting someone who has trained day in and day out, I would be slaughtered, and I'm man enough to admit that.

So my point is, some people have the ability to scrap well and can handle themselves vs a normal person, but there really is no comparison to a real fighter. . . I'd get my ass kicked.



I was thinking of y'all & this thread last night as I was getting my ass handed to me while sparring, both standing & on the ground. I do okay with either gender when someone is my size, but with large men I am truly useless. Their big long arms get past my defenses more often than not. The really big guys refuse to actually hit me with any force, but when that big fist is even hitting me softly I know in real life I would be doomed.


Yes, us little ladies get knocked down enough to know that we're not the next champion of the world. I know I have.

However, some guys I know would actually benefit from a flogging cause they didn't get enough as kids.... Bring back corporal punishment!!!


I never have to fight because before I'm done morphing into a power ranger those bitches run away.


what I have learned from brawling:

I learned quickly not to kick, your too off balance.

throwing head knocking haymakers has the same "off balance" affect and the wind up takes too long.

Tackling people almost always guarantees the win, but if hes got boys in the crowd your ruined, so its generally best to stay on your feet

Use your elbows, you need alot less space to deliver hits

The knees seem like a good weapon, but again in a mulitman brawl you need to be firmly planted on the ground. If you go down on the floor your heading to a hospital later.

Make a concious effort to keep your chin pointed down, it makes it hard to get you in the neck and it stiffens up your neck so it doesnt twist when you get hit.

Getting hit in the throat is an immediate game ender, you cant breathe, you cant fight.

Bones in your head are thicker than a fist, if they arent careful they will break knuckles and not your face.

Street brawling isnt like MMA, its alot more about defense than offense.


Great post with great tips.


I'd agree except a bit off for the kicking thing. An unexpected front kick can knock someone down and really the only use for a kick would be a side kick to the knee. That shit fucking hurts and will pretty much stun/maim your opponent, giving you time to run away. It doesn't need to be a wind up shot and you can still be relatively close.

Also, the best punches are straight punches.


This girl rules.


Ha ha Thanks fightin! Same to you :wink: Im serious about the corpral punishment thing...

Those fight tips are pretty good... Could I add some? Never been in a pub brawl myself, but I've seen a few.

Be careful punhcing people in the face, I've seen teeth embedded in hands. Ouch. Punching the throat is good I think, nice and soft. Even seen it work on Islanders!

Only thing i don't totally agree with is that kicks are no good in a fight???? Like something out of Jackie Chan I saw a friend jump of a table and fly kick this guy who was on his mate.... That guy fell down a set of stairs and didn't get up..... It's alright he's alive.

Hm... maybe a better fight tip is make sure you have an escape route before the cops get there.


Huh, this is a flaw i think boxing has.
You guys don't learn to punch "right", if i may be rash. You rely too much on the glove.
You need to hit your target with the two first knuckles (index and middle) and your hand must be aligned with your wrist and elbow. Kind of how your hand would be if you were benching. I know that the black belts here (kyokushin) punch through concrete slabs/ bricks and they are fine. I think it's a matter of proper punching technique. Something most people with gloves don't "really" develop.
My 2 cents.


Boards and bricks don't hit back, and they sure as shit don't slip and dodge. If you can pick what knuckles you're going to hit someone with, you've got some jedi shit going. When I'm sparring, I'm happy if I'm connecting.

Picking knuckles to punch with is unrealistic. Those two work great until the motherfucker ducks his head to the side and you crack him with your pinkie and ring knuckles. Not to mention, try picking your knuckles when you throw an uppercut or hook. Good luck.

Board breaking is showman shit. To me, it has absolutely no bearing on real fighting.

What people with gloves develop is the proper footwork and kinetic linking to get the most power out of their weight. I'll take it.


"It's especially tough when you have a boxing background, because a big weapon for me is the straight left. If you do that without gloves, it can be seriously bad for your hands as far as breaking, also."

I didn't say board breaking. I said fucking bricks and fucking concrete slabs.

Don't hit back?
You completely missed the point.

I'm talking about what kind of surface (how hard, dense, etc) your knuckles can hit.