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Why Do People Think They Can Fight?


i'm a wrestler and a pretty big guy. i feel like i could take most folks that don't have any kind of combat training.

but, anyone that does, no matter their size, will beat the shit out of me.


Haha, I rage in golf. I love it, but it is the most frustrating game I have ever played.


Yeah but you don't hold any professional title belts. You can't fight!!!


I have not read the whole thread so forgive me if I'm repeating. The bottom line is when someone is fighting in a sporting atmosphere it will always be different then someone fighting for his life.

You can have the most out of shape dude, never been in a fight his whole life, but you threaten his life or his family, he is going ape shit and it doesn't matter if your joe blow wearing a affliction shirt that congregates at the local bar every weekend.

Now don't get me wrong, a trained fighter will be able to take most people with no problems, but a trained fighter with a good trainer or camp should not be getting in a fight with joe blow on the weekend.


well luckly most people dont mess with me. im a tall dude and usually people dont mess with someone who is bigger than them. (plus im a pretty nice guy) otherwise i would get my ass handed to me if i fought anyone (even the tap out shirt guys lol)


Except for a gun or a knife of course.


Why such low confidence in yourself?


The same reason most guys think they are good at poker or sex...not sure exactly what the reason is but it's based on a false sense of reality.


It's that time, Brudda'...


i wish guns had never been invented. then no one would need them!


fight or flight that make us think anybody can fight. on regular basis in the news you hear or read about elderly people who fight off younger and stronger attackers.


I hear alot of people talking about if a fat out of shape person had to defend his family he would _____! On the other hand if the same scenario happened with a veteran trained fighter he would also____! Insert what ever you want there but Im pretty sure the outcome would be close to the same. I have been fighting for a long ass time and if you came in my house and assulted my wife I would not pepper your legs with kicks I would rip something of the wall and smash your head with it.

All Im saying is there is a large difference between being able to fight well in the street or in competition. With that said I have no idea why jackasses have to buy stock in Affliction and TapOut to feel cool, the only time I wear a fight shirt is when I have to work (Selling highend fitness equipment) after a fight or a hard sparring session...That way the customer doesnt think Im a jackass that got in a fight last night but Im a athlete that just got kicked in his face today.

If you cant run from here to across the street with out getting tired chances are you better sucker punch someone to be called a " good fighter"!


So...You are saying that only the young and strong who can handle a sword should rule and everyone else should depend on them for protection at their whim? That really worked out well in (for example) the roman empire (not!)...The elderly are not valued in today's world and have to fend for themselves.

The technological genie is out of the bottle and will never be put back, it's a waste of time pining for the "good old days" that never were...For the older crowd it's 'adapt or die' and the "great equalizer" is the defense weapon best suited to that task. Anyone who thinks otherwise does not have your best interests at heart, victim...


I don't seem to see these "regular basis" reports regarding "elderly people" sucessfully defending themselves against "younger and stronger attackers" where they were unarmed. Of course with the advent of media bias, this is no big shocker. Armed self-defense incidents are routinely "spiked" or edited in the newsroom because they do not fit the "agenda", and when they do appear are usually only found in NRA media, another non-suprise...


But what about CA Law's shins of steel? Don't they scare you?


you missed my point. a retard could kill a great man on a whem. too many stupid people have guns! i get it "it makes us all equal." but the fact of the matter is, we are not equal! thats the whole idea of genetics. i know guns will never go away, but that dosent keep me from wishing they would.


I appologize but Im not sure what "CA Law's shins of steel" And its only scary if it consists of a midget duel weilding katanas LOL...sorry havent slept yet.


LOL. Go back and read the thread, CA LAw said something ridiculous.

I agreed with you though, great post.


Thanks for the props and here I go again....

"These are things that non-trained guys do not understand. Basic things like, "I already know, before we fight, what I will do. I have hard shins. I get punched hard 3 times a week, so my body is ready. " This quote is from CA...Just FYI bro...everyone has hard shins...there made of a bone called the Tibia..we all have it..If you are kicking someone in the thigh so hard that your breaking there femur you should be fighting in K-1...and to think that you have any plan prior to a street altercation is an absolute false sence of security...all you can do to be ready for something like that is to train hard all the time...and for GOD sakes man cover your body...and face when your sparring...Stop getting hit so hard 3 times a week..(Sarcasim) If you are a trained athlete in Combat Sports props to you, however I feel as if alot of what your saying is rather misleading.
Later all!


urk it's hard to know where to start in this. First off, fight = duel and yes, most guys can duel just fine because even though it might be pretty violent, it is a limited engagement. This is different from someone who wants you dead.

(FWIW if they are fighting you, it is unlikely they want you dead. Any coroner will tell you than overwhelmingly in this country if someone wants to kill you they will shoot you or stab you.)

(Yeah I know I'm a geezer, but truth be told fighting for when you are in your early 20's is mostly about getting your place among other guys (impressing the girls too). When you get older, you get to be a bodyguard for your kids and wife, which completely changes your outlook. When you are much older, you cannot rely on physical prowess at all, which changes it again.)

One disservice that movies have done is to completely confuse people about this. Most guys really do think that slugging it out or ground fighting is what they are supposed to do.

Guys also want to think they can handle themselves, so there is also a bit of ego involved.

In any case, so what if they think that. Let them. If there is ever an issue, I'd rather deal with someone who is going to try and fight me with a bunch of techniques they don't understand than actually think about how to bring about my demise.

And I might just be full of shit...

-- jj