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Why Do People Think They Can Fight?




bro this is simply awesome i haven't had a laugh like that in many months!


Now that's some Bull Shit.

Were you one of those kids in English class that just wrote down incoherent shit on your term paper just to fill the empty lines?


And the insecure ones are most affected by the adrenaline rush. Those who are calm and control their anger, they come out on top.

All this animal rage is just nonsense. When you are angry as hell, and not thinking straight, and the opponent is cool and collected, then it is no contest really...


I will end ALL of you....

okay now that I have your attention :). Sorry I have not read all of post in this thread but I think there are just some people who are good at fighting, I know a couple of them of course they are big and strong so it's no surprise to me.

I on the other hand only fight when its absolutely called for which seemed to happen a lot not to long ago at bars with stupid drunks being abusive to woman. Now that is a time I believe it is necessary to step in and say something, don't go in to "ass kicking mode" right away try to settle it without fighting but chances are it will happen so just be ready.


I have not noticed this.

I have noticed people who train in various combat sports think they can fight, and for the most part they can. Some just better than others.

But no, I haven't noticed that every guy thinks he can fight.

Though, again technically, every guy can. They just might not ever win.


And be wary of weird vaginas.


Advice to live by no doubt! ^^^


I think this attitude gets people killed. Statistically it may be true. You may win 99 fights out of 100. But it only takes a fall of 12 inches, to hit your head on the floor and die. Accidents do happen. You don't have control of everything.

This attitude makes people get into situations they should just avoid. Especially when you consider that you may start a fight one on one, and end up with an 8 on 1 fight involving weapons. Its funny how many people are gods gift to violence, until the situation moves out of their comfort zone.

You had this attitude when you couldnt fight, then you had an encounter with reality, so your trained your arse off and got deluded again. I don't think your ego is growing proportionately to your experience. Especially if your experience is in the safe confines of a gym.


the best fight is the one that happens inside the ring.

Don't be a fool to fight outside of it.

You never know when someone will pull a knife on you


errrrr EGO?


a perfect example of what the OP means is on one of my local tv stations every friday at 9. It's called "So you think you can fight" and they pit completely inexperienced guys against each other in a boxing match.

Turns out for some hilarious moments, especially when the "Street fighters" or "brawlers" get their asses haned to them by the 16 year olds and flower shop owners


This reminds me of about 3 years ago. I use to think I was a total badass. Did a lot of completely unnecessary training.

I learned that that people who act like badasses never are. I'm not a badass. I don't start shit or take shit, and I don't get in fights either.

The only way you will fight me is for fun/sport. Anything else is no longer fighting.


I was fine with this post until the last paragraph. For goodness sake, how on earth would you know what Xen's attitude was before he started training, or why he started training, or if he's deluded? Poop.

However, if you've known him for years, or you're his cousin, or whatever, I'll take it back. Not til then.


Scotty, may I ask what part of Texas you're in? I'd love to see this show, but I didn't find it when I googled it.
I'm in Austin.


I use to take boxing when i was 16, quit cause i thought it was lame and boring but from what i learned if you believe (TRULEY BELIEVE, NOT THINK) you can fight, then you can fight. Hence (THE SECRET)

I dont go around telling people im a badass cause i took boxing lessons for 6 months. 90% of the people that say they can fight and run their mouths are bullshitting it, but its the QUIET ones you have to watch out for..


I used to compete in full contact tournaments back in the late 80's and early 90's. I probably fought close to 200 times. I did OK.

I guess compared to most posers out there I'm better off in a fight. But truth be told, after I hit about 35 the urge just kinda died. Then just a few months ago when I was in a situation where I thought a fight might actually happen I actually felt fear.

It sucked in a way I can't express. Getting old blows. On the other hand, I can't think of anything stupider than some of the guys I've seen in their 50's challenging people to fights in bars and such - lame.

Sometimes I feel like the loss of the fighting urge is a real blow to my manhood, but other times I think it's just growing up.


El Paso, you can find clips of it on youtube i believe


Thanks, Scotty!


That is more likely a prime example of correlation not proving causation. People that truley can fight, know they can. Not the other way around.