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Why Do People Think They Can Fight?


Your pastor?


I would if I happened to find myself in a real fight, not tumbling around with friends.


Yeah, my pastor and the youth pastor I work with. We actually had a class at our church for a few Sundays for ladies self- defence. And we had one for the young men to beat the crap out of stuff.

When Theodore Roosevelt taught Sunday school for a time, a boy showed up one Sunday with a black eye. He admitted he had been fighting and on a Sunday too. He told the future president that a bigger boy had been pinching his sister, and so he fought him.

TR told him that he had done perfectly right and gave him a dollar. The stodgy vestrymen thought this was a bit much, and so they let their exuberant Sunday school teacher go. What a loss.

As a Sunday School teacher myself, I encourage this type of robustness amongst the boys.



Asnac, good thing you guys are doing


Agree 100%. I see it all the time. See it in kickboxing and I actually see it more in the new guys in BJJ. You see it most from completely untrained people, if a guy has even had one month of highschool wrestling he pretty much knows he will be humbled in the beginning.

No one likes to think they will be completely dominated.


I hate lads who think they can fight yet are feeble/fat!..boxing is not only about strength but it's about alertness, fitness and even rhythm.

I LOVE it when some big hard lad heads into boxing because he has had a few fights and battered the lad and think he is going to be the 'big dick' about the boxing club but then he is sick before the end of the 3 rounds!


Not only can I fight when I'm drunk, but I become good looking to :stuck_out_tongue:


I was mostly alluding to the first paragraph. The part "it can get me killed".




heh, I become good looking when women around me drink :smiley:


At my college me and a few friends get together every wednesday to do some light sparring/pad work/rolling during our afternoon break. We all cross train except for one guy who's only into JJ and we're having fun, working safely.

In my classes there's this clown, you probably know one of those guys yourself: something feels wrong about his face, he's 5'8, 140 pounds more or less lean and only wears puma clothes. According to him he excels at everything yet doesn't know shit about any sport. Everytime me and my buddy mention mma or anything related to fighting he goes on about how he fucked 2 200 pounders once in a street fight or about how good he was when he trained muay thai in some gym that nobody's ever heard about.

We keep asking him to come train with us on wednesdays but he "doesn't have time and wouldn't want to overtrain cuz he's got soccer tonight".

I hate him with a passion


Very cool thread.

We'd all like to think that whatever martial art we do would suddenly become instinctive in a fight situation - I hope that happens too. But the fact is I have no idea what would happen if I got into a fight! With the adrenaline pumping and anger rising, who knows. I've never really been in a 'real' fight, but I'd like to think I could use what skill and techniques I have picked up and put it to good use.

As for the big guys thinking they are the dog's just because they have big guns...

K.E = 1/2 m v(squared)

So a combination of both will do you right for a punch!


In America you can be a badass until you
come across some weasel with a pistol.I think it's best to train hard and then go
home to your girl.Leave that streetfightin'
to idiots.(and don't get me started about
taking the gun Yoda)that crap is movie
drama,no future in it.The only place
for street demons gentlemen, is prison.


not really the whole pure animal rage thing doesn't work when your really pissed you just feel tough if you go with a calm technical guy who can box you just get picked apart. Being angry is literally the worst thing in the world to be when you fight it zaps all of your energy and "animal anger" while keeping technique is just controlled agression while calm which is of course good.

Lots of people who haven't trained much think of this animal rage and stuff it only works in movies like the person gets mad and can suddenly fight it also makes you feel much better because you can't feel pain ect I've done that when boxing I would get super mad and think I was kicking ass when it turned out I was just getting counter punched like 10 times but was to mad to notice and then would lose all of my energy real fast.

When you are in the zone or flow you feel total calm while being very aggressive. (look at fedor super calm expression while being ultra aggressive that is the ideal in street or in mma boxing etc.


Why do people think they can fight?
It doesn't matter.
Through years of training, I have realised that its not how well YOU or OTHERS, Think they know, or DO actually know, how to fight, its a matter of how well you are able to defend yourself in any situation. Its not about the X amount of training or Y amount of experience that YOU or OTHERS have, in order to 'Fight' 'Smash' 'Break' or 'Destroy' the Average Joe/skilled fighter. It should be the training and experience gained, to give you the chance to DEFEND yourself from any sort of harm they or anything else may possess. Even a slight submission of: "I'm very sorry." and walk away, can defend you (considering they arn't majorly aggressive/raged).


Bull Shit


or don't understand there is a reason to throw combos, or that if you leave an opening you are probably trying to get them to do something,

Yes it is funny, i recall working with someone while one of the strictly bjj guys was critiquing me and commented cuz I dropped my left and said if you did that to me I would knock you out, so I let him try.

but i would say it is peoples lack of experience that causes them to say certain things,

There are certain fighters that I would like to fight just because as I watch them move I think I could handle what they have, but will get called crazy for it, then there are guys that aren't considered all that great that when I watch I would not want to fight them. because they have weapons I don't feel at this time I could counter.

But usually people are just talking,


I love fighting. :slightly_smiling:


Wanna see the average joe(s) vs a pro boxer?




CaliLaw, the true professional fighter I know doesn't say anything like you do. There is no need to talk of a big game or anything like that, he doesn't because he backs it up in the ring. Pretty easy huh? shrug