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Why Do People Think They Can Fight?


All though CALaw goes a bit far(I would assume to illustrate his point) I'll agree that when you're grappling w/ somebody who doesn't know their shit, it's like wrestling w/ your kid nephew or something. They're just overwhelmed. My striking is mediocre, but I embarrass guys who don't know a thing. So he's not that far off the mark.


A little over the top, sure.... but just a little. An untrained opponent who took a solid leg kick could easily have his leg fractured. Easily. Really.

Go to a Muay Thai gym and get a trained 135 lb. guy to leg kick you just once. You'll be able to decide whether I was being superfluous when I suggested that someone who weighs 50 lbs. more and is pretty explosive might be able to do even more damage.


Those Muay Thai leg kicks DO hurt if you're not conditioned to be able to take them. A friend kicked me once on the shoulder, only doing a light jab kick, and I was bruised and sore for days.

A full force shin kick can definitely break bones.


Its threads like this that make me glad I live in a village in Staffordshire where everyone gets along and enjoys a pint. I don't give a rats arse why people think they can fight. If they leave me alone then what do I care. I just want to improve myself in every way, to compete in the ring and to handle myself if I am ever faced with a situation I really can't get out of.

Getting into dick swinging competitions is a fast way to get a knife in your gut nowadays.


Mayhap a little superfluous, but true.
If I have to answer to a brawl, it will be a hard kick to the leg, possibly followed by a second or third.
Works like a charm and the legal implications are of your back. He cannot follow you, has now a healthy respect and looks like an idiot while you can leave with dignity (which is rarely the case after tumbling on the ground).

If you have a strong, crisp lowkick, his legs look average to weak and he is around your weight- go for the wheels I say.


I used to think I could fight, and then got my ass kicked.

I'll tell ya, after watching this, I came back and absolutely brutalized my opponents.


I don't believe you!


Same here. Then I learned how to move and punch correctly (or atleast alot better) and now... well I don't get my ass kicked anymore.


Does anyone else here see how, this forum is turning into exactly what it is complaining about. Basically I could kick anyones ass, my god I am one tough mother fucker.

what a joke


Not really.

And it's true that people who train seriously (esp. those who compete) would do unchristian things to the average street brawler. That people debate this indicates high levels of self-delusion.


And we know that self-delusion runs high in the U.S. because of the following indicators:

  1. Fat people think they are fat because of a medical condition.
  2. People are willing to vote for Barak Hussein Obama.

From my studies I have found that these two things above are correlated. Barak Hussein voters for the most part are fat women.


"Everyone's a tough guy till they get punched in the nose"

Bas Rutten


Of course a well traineed person/fighter will kick average Joes ass. The issue is that everyone is assuming this identity, so when people on here start saying how they have trained and would kick someones ass etc, doens't that sound like what we're complaining about?

I guess for every guy who has trained on here that is pretty skilled etc there is another who sucks but claims otherwise. All I'm saying is it seems silly when people start to talk about how good they are and how badly they would smash someone etc. It sounds like they are the out of shape average Joe sporting some mma clothing.


I "trained" in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu several years ago for roughly 4 months. I absolutely enjoyed the workout I got from it. I realized, however, that in a real fight on the streets or anywhere else that this stuff could get ME killed.

Even when I wrestle with the guys in the Youth group I help out in, the first thing I do in grapple someone and take them to the ground. BAD mistake if you have no clue what to do IF you can't get them in the choke hold or triangle.

In order to get out of this bad habit of dropping and grappling, I am going to start Krav Maga at a place that just went up down the street. My pastor loves it as he started nearly a year ago and said it broke a lot of bad fighting habits he developed as a young man.

BTW: For all you guys that are into BJ-J, it is my own fault not the particular style since it was only four months worth of training.


Why not get them to the floor and continue with striking from there.

I understand you trained in X or Y, but you don't need to use it 100 percent. Just use it to the point where you are in an advantageous position and then you can switch to strikes or try to run.

If i take a guy down, i'm not gonna try to put him in a headlock or armbar, i'm going to try to punch/elbow the hell out of him and then run.


Because they are really delusional and they haven't been humbled. Or they are very insecure and the are trying to compensate for their insecurity.

The most dangerous fighters are the ones who don't feel the need to talk a bunch of hard ass shit in order to build up their confidence. ie Anderson Silva, he is a destroyer but he doesn't talk any shit. Why? Because he isn't trying to compensate for insecurity.

It has been my experience that the people who talk how they are going to use specific techniques in a fight and each one is more killer than the last are insecure kids who can't back up their mouth.

People who think they are just going to be able to freak out and thrash their way through a trained fighter is another delusion. Going wild on someone who knows what they are doing will just get you into trouble.


I don't really know a lot of guys who think they can fight. So I can't really relate to the OP's experience.

OP, do you mean to ask: Why do "drunk" men think they can fight? I've seen that phenomena plenty.

Most of the guys I know, when sober, have no grand delusions that they can knock someone out. But add booze to the mix, and some of them do get a sudden boost of "liquid courage."


Nah, I meant just normal sober people.

Also they edited the title of my thread, it doesn't sound quite right the way it is.


Ha ha, a guy I train with was very drunk last weekend & in his stumbling stupor bumped into some guys a bit hard. He slurred, "Hey, man, I'm really sorry about that (big goofy drunk smile)but if you jump me I can totally kick your ass!" They just cracked up laughing, thank God.


So.. in a thread asking why people think they can fight, we get a bunch of people talking about how they can break bones and smash guys twice their size.

I'd guess that many people think they can fight because they've been in a fight with someone else who didn't know shit and kicked their ass. Or maybe they just assume that because they can curl 50lb dumbells they can knock someone out.

Who knows, people are stupid. Anyways, it doesn't matter because no one can beat ME in a street fight. hadoooouken!!! =)