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Why Do People Think They Can Fight?


Have you ever noticed that EVERY guy you meet claims "I can box" or "I can hold my own in a fight" no matter how weak, or how little training they've had? Especially boxing. Every man thinks he can box.

Maybe it's some inner part of the male psyche.

The more I train, the more I realize I suck.


I'm pretty sure watching UFC on tv makes everyone at least a black belt in jujitsu and an accomplished boxer. And if they have an Affliction shirt they are not to be fucked with under any circumstances.

I saw a guy with a Chuck Liddell shirt at the bars and I gave him the pit gang sign thing and he walked up to me and was like "Don't fuck with me." I just shook my head and walked away.


Its almost as bad as jiujitsu guys calling their tournaments and matches "Fights"...

Friend: "I have a fight this weekend"
me: "you're doing MMA now?"
friend: "Oh no, I hate getting hit"
me: "so...you're...not fighting?"
friend: "no it's the _______ open"
me: face to palm

But yes everyone thinks they can fight they need 2 things

1- To see someone who actually can fight move...shadowbox hit pads or whatever

2- to then see a video of them trying to do the same shit so they can see how inept they are flailing around like a fucking fish

3- to then get their ass visciously handed to them by someone who can actually fight

You can do this most effectively in plumb or grappling.





It's getting ridiculous. The worst part is, it's not even just people who are into MMA, it's ordinary Joes. They have the notion that they can "wrecks someone's shit" despite not training and not lifting.


Even then it wouldn't change. Every guy seems to have some built-in confidence that despite any disadvantages he may posess (weight, reach, strength, TRAINING) that he can kick ass if the occasion arises.


Just following directions. I didn't really feel all that threatened anyway.


Everybody can fight. It's just a matter of how well they can fight. :slight_smile:


I am the best fighter in the WOORRRLLD!


Perhaps they have been in a few fights?


I'm talking about your average, lazy, run-of-the-mill, slightly out of shape guy. I'd say the average guy hasn't been in a real fight.

I'm not saying you have to spend years training to be able to win a fight. But then you'd have a reason to be so confident.


I think it's an ego thing as a guy that you don't want to feel like you should be afraid of anyone around you. Thus, you tell yourself you could fight people you most certainly could not.
Also I think it's amazing how many guys walk around thinking that it would be great to fight on the streets or at bars. You never know when some crazy guy who you could "beat up" will break a bottle or pull out a weapon. Maybe I'm paranoid, but you never know with people these days.


It would be fun if not for the reasons you mentioned. Crazies that pull a knife or worse and try to kill someone over spilt beer.

You can't tell me Roadhouse didn't look like a great fucking time!


first, would you rather a society with a bunch of guys to afriad to fight? with that being said, the more i train BJJ and kick boxing, the more it makes me realize i do not want to get in a street fight with someone who knows more than me


A friend the other day asked: "Do you think you could beat up [a mutual friend who is really big and strong]?" I laughed and couldn't take the question seriously. I said that it wouldn't even be a challenge, and it wouldn't be pretty. He couldn't believe that I was so confident.

People don't understand fighting is a skill involving technique and precision. It's like golf. Golf looks easy, too, until you pick up a club and start swinging.


agreed. i've just begun BJJ after years of "never having motivation/time," i've been training Muay Thai for a little bit and my left side is still markedly slower than my right. When i began my left was like a slow pillow attack, it's now just beginning to snap. if you have a long reach the jab is a wonderful tool.

your comparison to golf was very accurate.


And then while you're enjoying a game of golf,someone picks up a golf club and tries to beat you senseless when you least expect it. Adrenaline is fighting's "truth serum."

Thats not a crack at you CLaw...just throwing that out there. Good point..compare golf to fighting when it comes to the mental aspect needed for each...somewhat similar.


yeah boss the fight or flight thing is a hindrance in games like golf and billiards. recognize the variable, regulate and move on with it; a degree of adrenaline is good, too much and you go to shit. adrenaline in fighting can get you good results and/or it could get you knocked the fuck out. my goal in bjj is to stay calm, it's probably easier in bjj knowing elbows are not coming.


Relaxation and technique applies the same in striking. The looks on some of the guy's faces who mostly just roll,but still take the striking classes..is just priceless when they are asked to spar. They never do. Mind you,these are also the guys who voice to our coach that they want to fight in the cage.


You think guys don't get adrenaline rushes from competing in golf, too? Hell, lawyers throw up before giving an argument in court. Adrenaline rushes are not limited to fighting.