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Why Do People Stack Steroids?

Why do people stack anabolic steroids of different strength on a cycle if they have to compete for the same androgen receptor?

For instance, taking 50mg of Oxandrolone (Anavar) a day with 250mg Sustanon (esterified testosterone blend) a week vs taking 50mg of Oxandrolone with 500mg of Sustanon a week.

First option with less Sustanon should provide better gains because more of the Oxandrolone will bind to the receptor.

In fact, Sustanon could be used only if bloodworks shows lowered testosterone because of the Oxandrolone shutting down testes.

Or am I just completely not getting it? How do the receptors work? Thanks.

First off ANY steroid suppresses natural testosterone production, period. Some do seem to suppress less but ultimately any steroid will cause you to go into a low testosterone state, unless you are using testosterone with your other steroids.

As far as androgen receptor competition read this thread;

I guess it’s possible to take such a high dose that there are no longer any open androgen receptors but you have to remember that 50mgs of anavar a day doesn’t mean all 50mgs is all of a sudden in your blood and trying to find a receptor. I think anavars half life is 9 hours so for the 9 hours after you take it 25mgs get broken down and used, it’s not all at once. So even on a high dose of multiple compounds there are always receptors that become free because the molecule that was attached has been broken down or used up. Then you can factor in the level of development for the person, I don’t think you can necessarily grow new receptors but I believe they do become more efficient at processing the compound that attaches. I have read that we can grow new receptors but I don’t think that sounds correct, I think we can stimulate receptors that were previously un stimulated.

Now steroids are unusual in the sense that 1 plus 1 does not equal 2, it actually equals 3. There just a magnifying effect when you combine two or three different compounds. So that is a big reason why people stack. I personally have found out that when I use two DHTs my fat burning goes through the roof even if I am not eating the best food.

The benefits of stacking different steroids is that you can use a higher overall dose of gear and get less negative side effects from less androgenic steroids. Otherwise you would just use a high dose of testosterone. That approach doesn’t work well for most guys, because they will go bald, get acne, excessive body hair growth, develop gyno.

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Because the effects of a DHT derivative are different from that of a testosterone derivative which is different from a 19-nortestosterone derivative. Different drugs do different things.

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Prolly not a very scientific answer but im being brutally honest… After you do a few amazing test only cycles…you find you dont get the same results anymore… So as you want your cycles to be amazing you progress to different compounds & stacking. Also kinda part of it is curiosity. You never know how it feels or what it does till u pin it. But you’ll never feel as good as yur 1st cycle. #chasingthedragon

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Maybe I’ve forgotten how good i felt on my first cycle but I feel pretty damn good right now.


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