Why Do People Lie About Their Accomplishments Within the Gym?

It seems like whenever the gym is mentioned in a conversation, the person I’m talking to of which all of these predicaments have been with people I’ve known for years and seen on a regular basis…

A pal of mine started saying “When I was big” so I said “You’re your biggest now you’re 9 stone with a belly” Then he started saying, I didn’t see him for that period of time and he could bench press 120kg for 10 reps at like 15/16 years old so I said “Why don’t you start again and you will gain it back fast” every time I ask him (Been asking him for about a year now) when he is starting the gym he says “soon” lol.

Another buddy was asking me what I do and I was explaining 5/3/1 to him and he goes, “nope that isn’t how you do it, I did bl Back and Bi’s, Chest and Tris, Shoulders and Abs and Legs, I did it this way and I was 13st 8lb shredded at 14 and the 1st time I incline pressed, I pressed 120kg”

I’m honestly seeing a theme of 120 here so I think they must be looking at lbs rather than KG as we use in the UK, I know this might look like I am slagging people off but I am wondering if anyone else has had similar situations.

Boil this topic down even more to “why do people lie” and you get a better answer.

Because people are pretty silly.


Too much ego + young males in particular are often absolutely desperate to prove, in anyway possible how tough they are!


When I was a part time dive bar bouncer I’d talk to yoostalifters almost every night. If you enjoy conversations with people who are completely full of shit on a broad spectrum of topics, get a job at a bar.


I always take it as a compliment when someone says “I used to be like you”… and then tells me how they were 5’-9" / 250lbs shredded, back in the day. (btw, I’m not 5’-9"/250 shredded).

They only feel the need to say this shit cause you’re making an impression on them.

If you truly think they’re lying, just do what I do and just tell them they’re lying, it usually makes things interesting real quick.


It’s a weird impulsive thing to lie. I’m always like “I’ve got a 12” cock", but deep down I know it’s only 10".


Wait, what were we talking about…?


So, you can tell the length when it’s deep down? Interesting.


Dude, you are replying to a VERY sarcastic post.


Honestly mate people in the UK get really defensive when you call them out… I called one out for it and he still says he was 13 stone and bench pressed 120kg for 10 reps (This is someone I see all the time)

Oh, I couldn’t even tell what the heck he was saying towards the end :joy:

Haha I’d end up calling them out and having a drunk mob of people chasing me

I took tren and my cock was 10" before but now it is only 3"

But them gainz, brah!

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It was worth the sacrifice, No women want me after I have no hair

I doubt it’s the lack of hair…

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Not really I’m as strong as some of the grown men in my gym but I would like to be stronger.

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If my nob is 3" think about my dick to ball ratio

Nah, just nah…

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It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, people get defensive when you call them out wherever you are.

But that’s how we get to the bottom of it while having some fun!