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Why do people leave the forum?


i dont understand why people would leave and not post anymore. I dont see how anybody's life could be that hectic to where they cant get online a couple of times per week. Maybe im wrong.



Haha, it may be hard to believe, but I know a little something about this...

I used to be on a message board before, for a hobby that I don't feel like naming.

People got annoyed with me, and I got pissed at them for many reasons. So I left 8 months ago and haven't been back since. I changed hobbies and now I'm gone for good.

Dunno how that replates to people you are referring to, but that's what's happened with me.


I know. I really miss BigConan. Oh, wait, that wasn't his choice. At least we have his cousin, JackMehoff.


They get tired of you talking about cheeseburgers.



(just off the top of my head)

Mufasa, Drax, Monkeyboy Eric, John Koenig, Dozer, Free Extropian....

I especialy miss Mufasa's posts (seemed like a helluva nice guy) and Free always had good ideas.

Its a shame, really


Ever since the pm option, posts have dropped a lot.

But there sure is a lot of traffic on the "piece of ass of the year" thread.


Maybe people just don't care!


Maybe because some people here like to discurage others about the process they made just because they are bigger/stronger (which of course means they're the SHIAT)


Mufasa posts very regularly on another board now. Still uses the same handle.


name one person who has ridiculed someones results because they are bigger or stronger than them. I dont see that happening. I think the real reason is that some people take things that are said a little too personally.


BOBU - I agree that the PM function causes a lot of interesting discussions to go private, but posts, hits, and membership numbers have actually gone way up, not down.

Also keep in mind that we used to only have three forum categories (just one in the beginning!), so these days the posts are spread over many more sections. That might make it seem like there are less posts, but there are actually more.


Goldberg - I already did. But I guess he doesn't count.


Heh, Thunder PM me and let me know where. I wanna pop by and say "Howdy" to Mufasa.

There was a time sigh where you didn't have to "wade" through so many threads to post on one thread that had...well...had "value" or wasn't a repeat of a previous thread(s). It was the other way around (more informative threads than "others"). So, I'd say frustration has to do with it.

And there's time: people's lives change. Especially those that are active. People move; get married; begin a new career, etc.

I've also been PM'd by a few who've been having issues on posting. One is even a member of the Dog Pound. So, there's that.

And yes, some do take too much of what is posted here too personally. But since T-Mag has been working hard on creating a community via the forum; in a way, that's sort of excusable. I mean, we all have begun a few new friendships via the forum. So..it's almost like a home to some.


I understand being too busy to post, but wouldn't that lead to very seldom posting, not just leaving entirely? Some might be wondering why people, given the time to do so, would choose not to post anymore.


Hey that sort of stuff happens at most every forum that has more than a few members..

I've personally been quite active in many different forums over the last 4 years and some of them I have left.

I always give a last post why i'm leaving though, but some people I guess just don't care. Probably has to do with the "unknown" nature of the internet.

It sucks when longer term posters just up and leave without saying anything, most likely though someone still around does know something about them, and hasn't spread the word for one reason or another. I've made real friends who I hang out with in real life on various forums, and so have some of you.

So yes, it's a mixture of things. Noobs who come and go quick can be any number of millions of reasons. Longer term members who leave usually are because of real life changes and/or annoyance with someone on the board. Some people just take things too personally, and there are internet "bullies" in most every forum who love to annoy them.


So Neil pissed people off on another board? It can't be. No freakin way. I don't believe it.

Just givin ya a hard time Neil. Especially with the pony tail and all....


Don't include Drax on your list of people who went away. Drax became Say and was BANNED from posting because he was being such an ass.


I just don't get why some people will get annoyed by another's post and leave. As I stated before, this is an internet forum. If you don't like what the person has to say, then you don't have to respond. I know a lot of people in real life that annoy me. That doesn't mean I have to hang out with them. And I agree with Goldberg. I don't see many people putting down others goals unless we are talking about BIG CONAN/JACKEDHULK.


Speaking from experience, people may find new hobbies that they wanted to do for a long time, then get side tracked from iron for a while. That happened to me when I came to Korea. I got back into martial arts (always loved them) and training here is so intense that I just simply didn't have the time nor energy to go to the gym also. Most M.A. clubs in Toronto that I had contacted when I lived there had classes 2-3 times/week for 1 hour. Hell, my club here has classes 5 days/week and you can do as many classes/day as you want. For the past year and 2 months, I've been training on average about 15 hours a week as opposed to my friend in T.O. training 2 hours a week, same style. Doesn't take long to pick up some cool tricks. Anyways, now I'm rambling.


some people change their handle. I changed mine from pnfdog to peternf, so maybe some of the oldtimers are posting under new names? What's kept me around is of course the free articles and the forum is thankfully still politically incorrect.