Why Do People Hate Elon Musk?

I couldn’t help but notice you’ve ignored his successes in SpaceX.

-The solar roof thing is still legit, it just costs too much to be cost-effective compared to regular solar panels.
-His hyperloop project’s are too far away from completion to judge viability IMO.
-The Boring Co is literally just the hyperloop project plus flamethrowers and occasional tunnels (Vegas has one currently I believe).
-Neuralink is still in development/testing so IDK how much I would weigh the “legit” scientists/engineers leaving.

As far as billionaire’s go - he’s probably the least disliked by me. At least he’s pushing for stuff that will actually make the world better while also caring about human rights. Didn’t intend to be the Musk Defender here, but I appreciate the businesses he’s implemented tbh.

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I’d rather be shot into space with Rihanna.

He didn’t invent outer space either.

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I like him. I think he’s funny, he likes tweeking people, and he’s what you’d expect a kid with the most money in the world to be like. Yeah, he didn’t found all of those businesses he takes credit for, but he’s the only one who rode them to $200,000,000,000. Look at all those damn zeros.


Anyone remember this?

Like most things, it’s worth considering the Thomas Sowell question of…

"Compared to what?"

I’m a lot more comfortable with Elon Musk and his pile of cash than I am with most other billionaires, especially CCP-affiliated billionaires, Russian billionaires, certain Middle-Eastern Royalty billionaires, and I’m even growing suspicious of how a couple of the Columbian and Mexican billionaires entered the club.

Consider the fact that most major media are owned by billionaires and they’re the ones encouraging people to be upset by one particular billionaire, Elon Musk, who is behaving audaciously, by billionaire standards.

That’s the most sense I can make of it at least, but I’m not even a millionaire. I’m still lurking in the thousandaire club.

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@fbc91 I like how your post and my post are totally different answers to the question but not contradictory at all. I know very little about him aside from a JRE podcast and a few articles here and there.

I only know enough to compare his media treatment to that of his apparent peers.

So the tax breaks given to Bezos to put warehouses in cerain states aren’t government cheese? Most major companies have government contracts because they are lucrative. Also, the gov has heavily invested in and relies on a lot of Amazon’s AWS services.


Not to mention Amazon’s prime shipping is reimbursed by the govt for $1.61 (someone correct me on exact change) per package. Or their near deliberate pandering to Chinese companies stealing US tech and selling it via Amazon but for less.

I’m genuinely trying to understand what the point of this comment is.

This can’t not be said loudly enough. If you have billions of $$$/£££/€€€ at your disposal you were either gifted it by “birth right” (a shit idea) or has to shit on a lot of people to amass that kind of wealth.

Fyi - I hate everyone that has enough money to “do something productive with it” but doesn’t. Musk is just one if those.
My biggest gripe is stuff like his treatment of Space X staff.
In 2018 he thanked them all for helping to make his dream come true (the car in space). Less than a year later he made some of them redundant. He has the personal fortune to pay for each and every and every one of those wages. Space X has cash reserves of 1.2 billion. There was no need for that. Except - to make more money. That’s crule.

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Also, have you or has anyone here noticed that every once in awhile Musk is giving some grave prediction about humanity unless it gets its act together, something like, “You people better get your act together or else…” (insert some life-on-earth-ending consequence).

The weight of humanity is on Musk’s shoulders and you’re all digging your graves if you don’t listen to him.

He also one hell of a chameleon, as seen in the appropriate responses he gives to interviewees to make his followers think he’s a great guy.

I don’t know if it’s like this where you reside but in the US there’s a brutal rich-people worship. You’re not allowed to criticize some rich people, or else you are communist, socialist, anti-capitalist, or “jealous”. There’s also a strong belief that the ultra-rich “earned every penny” and they’re all shining examples of success from hard work and talent.

Some people even react as if you are criticizing a family member if you simply say, “I don’t like that guy.”

(Some of the laziest and crooked people I know are rich.)


Ha - it’s worse in the states. But it’s in the UK too. Case in point - a while back the one of the UKs richest people died. That made his son one of the richest guy in the county.
Due to taxation laws and playing the system - the kid paid tiny ammounts of tax. I was vocal at work about this being a crap situation and man was I hounded.

To add insult to injury our national health service was at the time in debt by the same amount he “should” have paid.

So yeah. The situation is a bit crap. I mean people forget that this model of capitalism is only 50 years old. And it’s gone bust more several times already.

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Due to the nature of my work I’ve been in the room with some very, very rich people (it would be preposterous to claim that I’ve met them as I’m a nobody but I’ve attended large business meetings on which they were present).

Whether they’re a former US presidential candidate and his super-evangelical buddy, Russian, European, Central Asian or Chinese rich guys who are worth at least 100 million and in many instances much, much, much more, all of them have one thing in common - they’re horrible people.

I mean it.

The amount of money they’ve earned or inherited and the fact that they’ve constantly surrounded by a coterie of paid staff and/or sycophants leads them to believe that they’re literally miles better that everyone else and that they could excel in any other human activity without any preparation whatsoever. They literally believe ultimate experts on everything due to their unmatched intellect.

And due to some character traits displayed by the South African man-child in his Twitter posts I thinks these delusions are even more unhinged that those of regular billionaires.

Saint Elon won’t save anyone.


Thanks all for the enlightenment on this one. I have college classmates who have worked for SpaceX and none of them stayed for too long.

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I believe it. Thanks for the post.

Proud to be from the ones who hated him earlier

I’ll be short on you

Everything Elon Musk is too good to be true
So he is overhyped by average Joes which makes him hated, also he plays pump and dump financially

I’m not so sure about that. I’m not counting on it or lining up to wash the guy’s feet, but I’m not ruling out Musk as a man with good intentions here. There’s been a major culture war going on in the USA for over half a century and Elon Musk knows full well that he’s inserting himself into this fight. Controlling words, controlling ideas and controlling the flow of information is not a fringe skirmish in this culture war, it is the front line. It is the most important part of the culture war, bar none.

His reasons may be cynical billionaire reasons, or maybe they’re not, but if his vanity, altruism or weirdo autistic motivations results in a big win for society then I’ll take it.

This is a very precarious time for whatever’s left of free society, in my opinion. We’re right on the cusp of deep fake technologies that are very convincing, nearly indistinguishable from recorded TV footage. We’re right on the cusp of rendering photorealistic graphics in real-time (look at a new Unreal engine demo) and we’re well past the looking glass when it comes to 20th century propaganda techniques being applied in the digital age.

This all means we’re right on the cusp of social manipulation aided by technology the likes of which humanity has never dealt with before. And it seems to me that the rich and powerful are winning this battle at the expense of normal Americans who just want to raise families and live nice lives.

As a little guy, I will take a big guy on my side for any serious fight. I’ll certainly take him over Jeff Bezos, billionaire owner of the woke dumpster fire devoid of integrity known as The Washington Post.


I’ll be honest, listening to Elon Musk talk during interviews is like he’s analyzing if what he’s about to say will split us into a different timeline. Dude straight up talks like he’s from the future.

It’s called a joke.