Why Do People Hate Elon Musk?

This one has bugged me for awhile. Dude has pretty much every measure contributed good things to society, giving us PayPal, leaps forward in electric vehicles, rebirth of US space flight (not his invention specifically, but the most successful at it).
So now he wants to buy Twitter out and their board thinks he is so toxic they are pulling the poison pill maneuver.
I see a smart dude who now has the means to do what he wants. Why all the hate?

Its mainly from the MSM. They don’t want someone to make them accountable, and they don’t like free speech, so that makes him a dangerous man.

I think the average person sees him more as a rich eccentric, or don’t care.


Because if Musk takes control of Twitter the left wing propaganda on twitter will end pretty quickly.

The last election was probably won due to social media control of the left. The story of Hunter Biden laptop as an example was a huge cover up done by the media and social media. Maybe the average American would have think twice before voting for Biden knowing what scum his son is and how corrupted the current president is if that story broke.

I doubt the regular person hates Musk. He has done more good than bad. It is the crazies on the left, Corporate media and Twitter board, also perhaps the other big share holder Vanguard who I believe were main Democratic Party financer.

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He is the billionaire I hate the least. I hate all billionaires because there is no way to ethically work for a billion dollars. (Inb4, “You’re just jealous.”)

There’s plenty to dislike about him, I believe.

I do like some things about him though, and I want him to take Twitter. What I particularly like him about him is his obvious awareness of some truths which he unfortunately conveys only by dog whistling and that would even send some posters into conniptions if stated outright!


I kind of agree with you on this one.
It’s an absurd amount of money that most people can’t wrap their heads around.

I am 100% against wealth redistribution but if I had that kind of money I would feel pretty damn obligated to do something good with it versus, oh I don’t know, buying a yacht that requires a bridge to be torn down….


And that’s your answer.

This. Like Trump… A media darling for decades then runs for office = instantly Hitler

Rise of the demoralized smooth brains


I hate him because the richest “African American” in the world is still a white guy.

I have so many fake reasons why someone would hate him but honestly can’t come up with a single good one. He’s the only rich dude who’s using his money for the advancement of humanity. When the rest of the world’s population leaves for mars, the haters can stay back if they want.

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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If humans can’t figure things out on Earth we should just stay here and die out, haha.


Agree to an extent, but i think we’re struggling with our technological infancy right now. By the time we’re able to actually inhabit Mars, I’d expect us to be past this infancy and we’ll look back at ourselves now the way we look back at cavemen.

Mars wont be inhabitable for a couple thousand years, if we started geoforming today

Red Rocks!

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This won’t change anything tbh. These corporations run off addiction and everyone knows it, but who actually deletes their social media? (I did, but that’s besides the point)

“The question is: do you check your phone before you piss in the morning, or while you piss in the morning?”

If corporate media is media owned by a corporation then what would change if Musk owned Twitter? It would still be corporate media.

True, but it would bring diversity of ownership, in regard to ideology. As Creepy Joe says,we all know diversity is our greatest strength. :grinning:

Considering how Musk micro manages everything. A lot will change with Musk on the helm. Also current media uses Twitter for news.

That he’s a billionaire is reason enough for some. South African apartheid-era daddy money rubs people the wrong way too.

Notice all of the billionaires who aren’t being subjected to The Two Minutes Hate. What sets Elon Musk apart from those guys?

He’s promoting a core American value, free speech. He’s using his fortune to wrestle control of one of the most powerful media companies to ever exist from totalitarian leftists who want to poison our public discourse with censorship, backed by Democrats. Of course they hate that.

Nice try woke mob, but you can’t cancel the world’s richest man. This infuriates them, because they are petty, small-minded leftists whose shallow ideas cannot stand up to basic levels of scrutiny, let alone reasoned debate underneath the light of truth. They rely on meticulous control of information to craft their fact-free media narratives to manipulate people into voting for disastrous policies that conveniently enrich and empower Democrat politicians, and precious few else.

Without twitter and media companies like that, people would never believe that America is a systemically racist nation, that the 2020 election was the safest, most secure ever and that Jim Crow is on the rise in Georgia. They wouldn’t believe that American Border Agents were whipping people from horseback. Remember the mostly peaceful protests and the January 6 insurrection? AKA the worst attack on America since Pearl Harbor according to Joe Biden.

Nobody believes that shit without a lot of help from the media, and twitter has worked hand-in-hand with Democrats to brazenly censor conservative voices in the most un-American way possible.

Of course they hate Elon Musk.


That simply tells us Americans are morons. Musk won’t fix that.

Musk is a corporate welfare queen; all of his businesses rely on gov subsidies to exist. He’s never built a legitimate (legitimate = not relying on gov cheese to make money, but by providing products valued by the marketplace instead) business on his own that succeeded in the private sector from nothing, unlike Bezos. Bezos is hated because he’s a slave driver, but at least you can say he built a business from essentially nothing and succeeded by providing genuine value for people that they voluntarily pay for.

Musk is also hated because if you delve deeper into the founding of his various his companies, you’ll find he just used his daddy’s apartheid money to buy into them. He isn’t this brillliant engineer he is portrayed as by the media. Tesla = he bought into it; the original founder/CEO (or someone else high up in the company, can’t remember exactly) was ousted. He didn’t invent the tech for that; it already existed. Paypal = Thiel and his buddies did that, not Musk. Paypal merged with X.com, which was Musk’s business. It apparently was a bad buy, but I don’t remember all of the details.

Other Musk scams/shitty ideas:

Solar Roofs = those were hyped up a few years back; now you never hear about them.
Hyper Loop = not viable, see Thunderfoot’s youtube series on it
Boring Co = an inferior subway sys
Neuralink = all of the legit scientists and engineers lef the company when they realized it was infeasable.

A lot of other shit I’m forgetting too, probably. He’s good at hyping up shitty ideas and his social awkwardness fools people into thinking he’s this brilliant autistic engineer like Tesla, but he’s just a con/hype man, essentially.


That’s an excellent post. All that and more is covered in the videos I posted above and why I can’t stand the guy!