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Why Do People Drop their Hips Right Before a Deadlift Rep?

Instead of just starting in that position they do some pretentious looking fast drop into the position, and then pull instantly. i don’t understand, im kinda bias against it since i don’t understand it, so forgive the remark about it being “pretentious”, i just can’t help my self lol.

Because I pull better when I do that.


It creates a bit of stretch reflex

For me it helps lock my shoulders in place and really drive through my heels.

I try to almost fall back. I’ve always been more back dominant in pulling, so when I drop back I actually remember I have legs to help.


If you’re a shoulders behind the bar puller (I am), you get into position better.

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Damn, i’m novice lifting sub 400, maybe ill learn this stuff when i get higher, for now im going to stick to my normal setup by just putting it over mid foot, bending over to grab at the correct width, touching shins to bar and letting that set me.

maybe in the future ill learn some more advanced stuf though.

Watch some of the big on the basics animalpak videos on youtube. They feature pros and how they set up for the dead, bench, and squat. Not to fix your form or anything, but just to learn more

It helps me load my hamstrings and get leg drive to initiate the pull off the floor. Like @oldbeancam I’m a back dominant puller and dropping gets more leg involvement.

As others have posted, there are numerous reasons lifters do it, and few do it because they are pretentious. I do it as well, but manly because i have a slight deformation in one hip which makes it much harder for decent mobility to stick on that hip, it’s always much tighter. Because of this, my hips shoot up when i start in the bottom so I dip a split second before the pull so that they are too busy going downward to shoot straight up. It all comes down to preference.