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Why Do Other Sites Slag Us Off?


After reading Harris' "Concern" over the Crossfit boards perception of us I decided to do some investigation. I checked out the Crossfit board and searched for "T-Nation" and what I found was surprising.

I found no less than 5 recent posts referencing articals from T-Nation, then the poster saying something like "the artical was writen in a juvenile tone, but what else would you expect from "Testosterone Nation". SO they think all the board members are homophobic meathead neanderthauls, but the contributers are great (except for their juvenile writing styles). Wouldn't it make sense that writers who write articals for a bunch of homophobic neanderthals would by association be homophobic neanderthals as well??

Here on the Nation i've seen post that are basicaly "Hey, you seen Crossfit?" "Yea, not my thing" "O.K. Cool" and that's it! for the most part I can't say i've ever seen a post here where we slag off another site with impunity, while leaching off of it's information and resources.

I guess I just don't understand what the deal is. After meeting a bunch of members at the Test Fest and seeing what a truly good bunch of people we have i can't understand..



Marketing happens.


Fuck 'em


I suppose I'd be pretty bitter too if I used inferior training techniques and had to steal all my information from a far superior site...


I had an acquaintence tell me after I started quoting articles from T-Nation that "T-Nation is cool and all, but it's a little too technical. I like checking in on Mens Health..."

Ok dude, you do your thing... The Nation definitely isn't for everyone.


Maybe a rumble between all the Crossfit members and all the T-Nation members is in order to settle this once and for all. Kind of like the opening seen in gangs of New York...or that seen in Anchorman.


Why do other sites think poorly of T-Nation? Why would some people, even serious trainers, be turned off from this site?

First off, my following answer is not a bash on T-Nation. I firmly believe that this site has improved the quality of my training, provided inspiration, and countless hours of entertainment. The staff and contributers, although I may not always agree with them, is top notch in thier field.

In fact, spend an hour searching strength training sites, and you will see their names come up repeatedly. There are many members who are quality posters, and I'd like to think quality people, to many to name.

However, even with all these high points, many things would turn a would be member off. The blatant sexual content, politically incorrectness, brutal honesty and steroid content are just a few... but what do you expect from TESTOSTERONE nation? Even though there is excellent information, it seems like half of this sites content is non training related.

Anybody who is a regular here will see that this site is full of trolls, pricks, meatheads, homophobes, shit talkers, muscleteens and assholes. For every poster who I'd put in the decent category, there is one who falls into one of the above mentioned categories.

Never before have I visited a site where the forums are so rude and full of pissing contests. People will get attacked and called a 'dumb motherfucker' for asking a simple question. Usually, the attacker doesn't even have a sensible answer for such a 'stupid' question.

Personally, I am able to screen out all the bullshit. I stay away from badmouthing others, and if somebody does post a stupid statement, I try to explain why it is so versus attacking the individual.

Other, more sensitive individuals, may not be able to filter this out. Others may not be willing to take the time to sift through the crap to find the gems.

I see clearly why others would dismiss this site. It IS full of juvenille meatheads, homophobes and people who fit every negative stereotype of a bodybuilder. Despite that, I see much more in this site. It is to bad for those who don't, because they are missing out on the best training site on the internet.



There are few websites with actual personality. This happens to be one. Yes, there are bad people on here...but I'd say the majority are pretty good.

If people don't like it...go somewhere. There's a million other places.


Maybe you missed the article stating that CrossFit is trash. Maybe you also missed the fact that a large number of Dan John's ideas are the same as CrossFit's.

I visit both sites and the only mention I have ever seen of T-Nation there was that there was a lot of good info and a lot of junk, it just took some time to sort through.

As to CrossFit being mentioned here, prior to TC's revelation that CrossFit is trash, only a single thread describing a powerlifter experimenting with CrossFit protocol.


We are in agreement here. As for some advice for you,... well....... Not many places like this around. Either it's a random free-for-all or a tighter knit community....I prefer the latter.


I say we go over there and flame em! Now who's with me?


Crossfit fucking sucks. I've never heard of ANYONE gaining size from that garbage. I'd rather pull a routine from FLEX.


Do you actually care what people think, or are you just pondering?


I can't punch girls anymore. Last time I did the judge said I get 3 years for the next one. Mandatory.


I almost fell out of my chair, thats a perfect response hahahahaha!


WRONG!! There is only one Muscleteen!


Just a small response to a small part of your post: Yes, trolls, pricks, meatheads, etc. do show up on a fairly consistent basis here, as I'm sure they do plenty of other places. However, they get driven away fairly quickly as well here. No poster that I have seen stick around for more than a few months has been a troll. A dickhead, maybe, but not a completely worthless troll.


Why do I have a Feeling I'd be the character Brick Tamland

Nate Dogg: "man that really escalated quickly, I mean that really got out of hand fast!"

Prof X: "Ya it jumped up a notch"

Chinadoll: "sure did, didn't it?"

Xen: "I stabbed a guy in the heart!"

Apayne: "Yea I saw that..."

Wideguy: "Didn't you throw a trident?"

Xen: "Yeah, there were horses, and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident!"

Nate Dogg: "Xen, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. You should find yourself a safehouse or a relative close by."

Prof X: "Yea Xen...Lay low for a while, because you're probably wanted for murder. "


Why does T-Nation get bashed?
For a lot of reasons and they're not all unwarranted....

For starters most of the posts outside of this site cite that people like the articles but not the products or a few things about the boards.

For one thing A LOT of hype comes with the products. HOT-ROX...Fat loss Phenomenom? That's a big claim to live up to? I'd say it's good but not THAT good.
Carbolin 19 is being compared to Anavar, rightly so based on the study...but still a lot to live up too....
MAG-10....They put the words Pro-Steroid on the bottle and said it had gains as good as the real stuff...I've never tried the juice and only used one bottle so I can't comment on it.
Spike: It'll blow your head off! And it's a damn good product! But not everyone responds to it the same way.

Basically the point I'm getting at is that a lot of people outside of this site feel that just as we bash the "7 page special reports" in muscle mags that the pitch given when a new product comes out here is often the same thing.

Also the whole attitude on this site has shifted over the years; whereas this site used to have a lot less bias and reccomended a lot more stuff from other companies even if it competed with their products; yet now the GENERAL (not in all cases) attitude often seems to be well if it's not Biotest it's crap (for the most part). And because of this this site as seen as being inundated with a bunch of big-heads.

The next biggest concern is the moderation present on this site. I often feel that my views are left unexpressed when a post of mine is censored b/c it might be taken as negative (understandable), but b/c of it I won't buy a product from here just based on a boards reccomendation (how do I know that negative experiences are being expressed) and I prefer to check other sites.
I'm not a registered user on another site and I do not intend to be but it's often good to see how others have fared.

Let the flaming begin; my fire truck is ready.


yeah, lets flame other sites, that's a great idea... no, it's a stupid idea.

Lets go to my beginning... there was this site called Testosterone.net

damn, how bad ass is that, all this free info, hell, they even sold shirts that said TESTOSTERONE across the chest and came out with a free online magazine every friday. What's more, they answered questions from the readers. WOW, the HOLY FUCKING GRAIL!

Then they got a forum. I didn't even look at the forum for the first year and a half, maybe 2 years that it was around. But surprisingly, I'd see the site, T-Mag.com mentioned allover the net, people steeling the articles from here and posting them on their forums and sites... sometimes not even giving credit to the authors, and taking it themselves, the bastards.

Enter T-Nation.com the forum became the big dawg. All of a sudden, Testosterone.net was a full fledged community. If you read the site, you were virtually SUCKED INTO the the new forum, it brought like minds together. For the first 2 years or so, I'd say that it was the height of Testosterone. I couldn't get enough of it. Then something happened... it got popular.

Many of the newbies that come around the site are only here for a month or two, and they all generally have similar newbie questions, but for some reason thought that they were special and that the BEGINNERS GUIDE (thanks Vroom) didn't apply to them. Instead of reading the site's 1000+ articles (I don't know how many there are, but it's a LOT), they'd ask a question about bench pressing and curling in the squat rack. They would generally get FLAMED from the regulars, you can only handle so much "I want to gain 50 pounds of muscle and eat like a little bird to keep my abbs" type of posts.

How embarassing for their net-ego. What do they do, they seek out to get revenge. They get a new screen name, or two (more?), and they troll this site. They give shit to members. They patronize contributors in a sarcastic and degrading way ("best article ever" posts), they find a way to stir up some shit. Have pissing matches with people, flame others on the picture threads, etc.

What a horrible existence this must be. Giving shit to 'virtual' people who've decided to live outside the norms of typical contemporary society, people who stand for something, who all share one common goal.

So here's what I say, and here's what I do IGNORE THE BASTARDS!

that's right, ignore them. If they don't start up a "shitstorm," then they are nothing. They get off by aggravating 99% of T-Nation, so howabout we Tube Steak Boogie their ass and ignore the worthless pricks.