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Why Do Non-Aromatizing Compounds Cause E2 To Lower?

So I’m reading lots of threads just trying to educate myself and it appears a few people mention E2 lowering when adding certain compounds in e.g Equipoise etc

I’m assuming these are non-aromatising compounds… otherwise E2 would be going up (rocket science bro),

Anyway- why does a non aromatasing anabolic cause E2 to lower?

Thanks- they didn’t teach this in biology GCSE

I am unsure as to why. There are hypothesis out there that I have heard. They could perhaps bind with the aromatase enzyme (blocking test from binding). Another is, they lower SHBG, which can raise or lower FT. This depends on how much they lower SHBG in the individual, and individual clearance rates of testosterone at certain SHBG levels. If it lowers FT, it should lead to less E2.

Just some thoughts. Not really an answer.

EQ appears to aromatize massively into e1 (esterone), thus taking up all the substrate through which testosterone and others aromatize into e2. Since nobody ever gets e1 checked their bloods show e2 plummeted and they assume it’s because EQ acts as an AI. It’s more likely that it simply crowds out e2 with e1.

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This! I heard it in a very long video on More Plates More Dates. It’s why I posted a question about E2 on EQ - test - deca because I’ve never used EQ before and didn’t want to crash my E2 by using an AI along a fat dose of EQ