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Why Do Liberals Refer to Teens as Children


I've noticed this alot lately. 14-18 y/o are referred to as "children" when they more appropriately should be referred to as young adults. I for one believe it is orwellian language to further certain political agendas. For instance, it is said since a 16 y/o is a child he/she never know what they're doing. There was a 16 y/o that lured some british tourists into a trap in which he robbed them and shot them to death. This happened in New Orleans. Now I can here some libtard right now saying "you can't try him as an adult, he's just a CHILD! He didn't know what he was doing." Us sane people can see that that is bullshit. If you don't know by the age of 16 that you shouldn't rob and kill people, then you never will. Most people know that by age 10.

And why do some people, especially feminists, accuse men attracted to teenage girls as pedophiles? Pedophiles are attracted to pre-pubescent children. A 27 y/o man sexually attracted to a 16 or 17 y/o girl or young woman wearing booty shorts and a halter top, with double d breasts and a body shaped like a coke bottle, complete with eyeliner and lip gloss is not a pedophile, just a normal heterosexual man. And most men who say they wouldn't be attracted to such a girl because shes a "child" is bullshitting themselves. That or they're gay.

But why not refer to teens as young men/women, why resort to orwellian language? A "child" until recently meant someone under 14. If you want to get real technical, the brain doesnt fully develop until after 25. So a 23 y/o gangbanger shouldn't be held responsible for a robbery and double murder he committed. Or a 27 y/o man having sex with his 21 y/o girlfriend should be considered a sick pedo, because even though she likes to have sex with her boyfriend, she really doesn't know what she's doing, therefore he's really taking advantage of her.

In the end, to be in the wrong is to be attracted to the physical features of a young girl, not those of a young woman.


Adolescents is another good word.

I've noticed this too, when Anders went on his rampage, I heard people saying OH THE CHILDREN. The vast majority of people killed were like 17, and I believe the youngest one was 15. 17 is legal age to the join the army, I mean, obvious murder is abhorrent, but its not child murder 17 is a grown man where I'm from. Hell, to me, when I have a son, 15 is adult responsibility time.


Completely agree..

I'm an adolescent, and man, I can't lie about this one, I love mature guys, I've always thought of men as whiskey, only getting better with the years..

I don't know why, its just a thing i got..


Please let us know how many whiskey scented PMs you get after this post, lol.


She's 17 before any of you internet warriors get the gumption to send some kind of suave PM.

Young Adults 18-35
Middle Age Adults 36-55
Really old people 56+


Lol, seriously?


yeap I am(:


I'm a liberal and completely agree with the OP.

What now. Another sweeping generalisation disproved? Oh noes!


Sounds delicious.


Loads of adults refer to anyone much under the age of 20 or so as kids, lads etc. I'm not convinced (at least in this country) this is a mostly a liberal thing.


No I don't mean as an expression. I mean as in treating them in most ways as if they really are children. It's like a lot of people see no difference between a 7 year old than a 17 year old as if they're one and the same. For instance Mark Sanchez, the 24 y/o QB for the Jets had a 17 y/o gf and a lot of people were just freaking out about it. You would think that he rides his car to the local kindergarten and tries to lure little kids into his gingerbread house. What I couldn't understand is why people freaked out about him having a 17 y/o girlfriend. And people saying teenagers (14-18) will be "emotionally scarred" by having consensual sex with someone 21+ is bullshit. Do you really think girls that age are a bunch of virgin Marys that would faint at the mere mention of a word that rhymes with sex???

If you come to Detroit, alot of 14-18 y/o girls have been around the block a time or two and know exactly what they're doing. In fact, they may be able to teach some suburban middle age feminists a few tricks.


I'll have to disagree with that. I remember when I was in high school, there were some guys 6'0 and up with full facial hair and girls developed enough to be mistaken for teachers instead of students. I wouldnt say they were 'just kids' because they were under an arbitrary age range.


I believe the word kid is truly a subjective term , I know 40 year old kids


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'mature guys' is an oxymoron if I have ever heard one.


This reminds me of a song by "Winger"


I work and have worked with teens for years now and I think they are great people for the most part. Here's the deal, what are teens? People. What are small children? People. Everybody is so weird about how they relate, treat, or interact with people of all different ages and I think that's flat retarded. Treat people like people. It's amazing the reaction you get when you treat a younger person with respect, rather than the suspicion they are going to be stealing cigarettes from the convenience store. All people should be treated people first, then adjust to the age.

I hate adults who look at teens a trouble makers or hassles. Shit the worst behaved most destructive people I know are full blown adults. Their 'kids' act better than they do. Yet so often they try to 'get away' from their kids because they are such a hassle.
Ugh, old people suck.


7 years is a huge difference at 24. You can pull off age differences when all parties involved are adults. It's not the age number so much as the difference in the threshold of developmental phases. A 17 years old is still very much in the throws of late teen stage of development. It's more than body it's mind as well.
Should the starting QB of a professional team be messing around in a relationship where the other person is still dependent on parents, just bare finishing or about to be finishing high school? I don't think so. If he really loved her, he can wait 'til shes 20 and an adult herself.

Dating is a different ballgame. I don't give a shit how someone looks, or how mature someone appears to be. 17 is to damn young a lady for a grown ass man to be contemplating putting his dick into, period.


bwahahaha. Great song, one of my favorite guitar riffs from that decade.


Boy's got some serious issues if he can't get a full-grown woman. I agree he ought to be castigated like he was for it. Shows complete immaturity on his part.