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Why Do Larger Doses of Cyp Mess with My Libido?

Why do larger doses of testosterone cypionate make my libido drop ? 180-200 a week kill my sex drive. I get my estrogen tested and it stays about 22. How fast can estrogen levels change if I am really lean? I feel good on lower doses but can’t understand why higher doses kill my libido with my estrogen not being high?

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A man can have too much testosterone, in theory overloading androgen receptors can cause problems. Everyone processes androgen differently.

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If your E2 stays at 22 and your T shoots up, you could essentially be mimicking low E2 in your system because of the ratio.


Is this common for men to have libido affected by too high of a dose? I was in a dosage that was working for me and it got upped for about a month and a half.( for some unknown reason ) It’s been hell. I have since went back to the dose that was working for me this week. How long do things take to level back out on average? I’m sorry for all the questions. I’m desperate :flushed:

Depending on where your individual level is and how fast you process, probably 1 to 2 weeks should get you back in range, closer to 6 weeks to be stable at old dose again.


Are you taking an AI as well? If so did you up your AI as well?

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No AI because my estrogen stays low

Well I can tell you from experience that when I increased my dose from 70mg a week to 210mg a week I wasnt AS horny. I would still get aroused and be able to perform just fine but at lower doses I am driven to fuck.


any insight as to why this is?

Because he’s using Test depot and not something like halotestin to blast. Esterized test does funny things when it’s out of range.

Nope. And it might be different for others.

Remember if you are checking on a trough day this does not account for how high your E2 is throughout the week to me I think your issue is oestrogen

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