Why Do I Seem to Get so Many Injuries?

Basically i just seem to get injured all the time doing absolutley anything, it is so frustrating!
I warn up very well, have about 8 years training experience now, i know it doesnt necesserily mean anything but i am a qualified personal trainer and have dedicated a huge amount of time to learning about the body.

I just seem to get one injury after another all of the time, i take regular deloads and listen to my body when it feels like it needs a rest but still get hurt. an example would be about 3 weeks ago i had done my lower body session and everything went fine then the following morning i woke up and my right shoulder was so tight and sore with the pain going up my neck on that side, it took me until just a day or two ago to be able to lift my arm overhead without pain.

This is just one example of the ridiculous list of issues i have, it is incredibly frustrating when i see people abuse their bodies not warming up, crap form etc and get away with it whereas i do everything as well as i can to keep my body safe but always get injured.
anyone else have any experience of this or can anyone help??


Sounds like me haha.

How old are you? I turn 34 this year, and the last 12 months my body’s ability to recover has slowed way down. I’ve had to adjust a lot of variables to continue attempting to progress, which meant progress has gone backwards.

You likely need to look directly at your training plan (not day to day or week to week, but month to month). You need to make sure you’re getting adequate sleep and recovery. You may need more rest days per week, or at least active recovery days.

Adapt to the new you. If you’ve been training seriously for 8 years, I’m going to guess your around 30, or older. You need to be smarter in your approach.

Must haves in my opinion ( I use as my warmup):
-Rollovers into v sits / bent iron cross: wake up total body / spine.
-Side planks / planks / glute bridge: wake up hips and posterior.
-Couch stretch: hips, quads. My go to lower stretch. Lots of hacks with it too, to take it to next level.
-Then add daily specific stuff, jumps, throws, hip circle work.
-Do a lot of rear Delt work, rows, pull-ups.

This is the prehab I live by.

Good luck.


Hi mate thanks for the response :slight_smile: to be honest I have kind of always been this way!
Even when I was about 15 years old I didn’t bounce when I fell like everyone else my age haha
I do a fairly decent warm up (pretty similar to the agile 8) but think I would for sure benefit from something like you have laid out there to make sure I hit everything so thanks a lot for putting that out for me :slight_smile:

Maybe you aren’t getting enough of a certain nutrient?

betcha your posture sucks


What nutrient could this be?

Postures not too bad

betcha it’s not. Betcha it sucks

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I wouldn’t say it ‘sucks’ but it isn’t perfect, I do perform more pulling than pushing and do things like band pull aparts and external rotations every day, but it could be better.
Any constructive ideas?

Uh recover more ? Sleep more? Recover better ? Umm when all else fails blame shit
Genetics. I’m 31 powerlift/bodybuild 4-5 days a week wake up everyday at 430 to work 8 hours in contraction and I live a pain and injury free life knock on wood lol. Then again my dads 58 and still benches 365 at a body weight of 180 without pain so maybe I won out in that genetic department I don’t know lol

Side note do you have weak tiny baby traps? Or tight tiny baby traps? Weak or tight traps can cause tight shoulders and nerve pain if they aren’t supporting what they are suppose to be supporting

Have you considered the fact mr. Certified personal trainer that you’re over warming up or stretching then you’re to lose for your workouts causing damage to your legiments.

People throw the personal trainner title around a lot these days but it means about as much as being trained over the weekend to work the window at Burger King. Both proabaly took about the same amount of time over a weekend.

Do you really have good form or just what your ego is telling you is good form? do you have proper mind muscle connection in that the muscle is actually doing the work and not forcing the joint to do half the work being a ton of stress on the shoulder joint and tendons

In regards to genetics my dad at 50 years old was absolutely laced with injuries so maybe I am destined to be also lol

If you took notice I did say “not that it means anything” when I mentioned being a qualified personal trainer- the course was 3 days a week for a year. I actually taught the teachers of the course most things as opposed to the other way around as I had already been reaearching and to seminars for years before.

My form has been critiqued by many people and even dan green himself said my deadlift was completely textbook and never to change my technique so in pretty sure I have got that down- I am a perfectionist so don’t do things I don’t know how to do training wise.

Thank you for your input although you did have a bit of a weird attitude about it lol (I do agree that most personal trainers are a load of shite though)

Edit: the point about over warming up could well be a fair one, I will consider that and definitely try playing about with different warm ups and seeing how it effects me

Well yours sound more legit then most but I’ve met a few that litterally did an online course over a weekend or something over the course of a week at some random seminar. I’ve seen too many people injured by bad personal trainers. But yeah I’d try keeping your body a bit tighter and save all the foam rolling and what not for after. I do some mild shoulder dislocatiors and what not but that than that most of my warming up in simply greasing the joints under light load my only warm up might be some band pull aparts till I can feel a small pump and then some tri push downs and maybe some hammer curls to just get blood flowing around the joints make sense?

Then a few warm up sets of just the bar on the bench to make sure Everything feels right before adding weight. Also I forgot to mention I do a upper lower split so when I do upper I’m hitting everything to keep the muscle balance pretty equal. I’ll bench then overhead press into bent over rows. ending up with heavy set of 315 I don’t do a lot of sets manly just add weight till I hit 315 then some heavy shrugs, from there i just go with feel.

That does make sense mate yeah, I would say I definitely do a fair bit more than than before a session so like you say i may well be over warming up and not being very ‘tight’ by the time I lift, thanks for that I am going to get be it a go using the movement it’s self a little more to warm up as opposed to lots of dynamic stretches and foam rolling!
I do a conjugate training method so dynamic upper, dynamic lower, Max effort upper, max effort lower, currently I do try and hit some either bent over row or a vertical pull six as pull ups for a tonne of volume to try and keep the balance.
Thanks for your input I will try what you said about warm up for sure (:

Proper body mechanics and proper nutrition would be the way to go. And I don’t know how old you are but when you’re 35 and above, your body ain’t as flexible and able.