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Why Do I Not Like Bisping?


It is interesting to note the transition that we go through in our lives as spectators. How people go from goat to great, or vice versa. In this case, my issue is with Michael Bisping. I am sure that when he is alone at home with his family he is a great guy.

Even when he was in the house, he was bearable. Now... Don't get me wrong. i like the Brits, they seem like a good group of guys, mature, skilled (somewhat), don't get involved in the petty BS that the US team does. I really would like to see them do well.

Their coach, on the other hand. I just hope Hendo fills Bisping's mouth with fist, foot, knee, elbow, or any combination thereof. Bisping doesn't know when to shut up. He doesn't realize that he isn't everyone's favorite, if he ever was. He has taken whining to a whole new level and sleeping through one of his fighter's fights??? Un-effing-believable.

I never cared much for Dan Henderson, but he is both respectable and respectful. It must be tough to put up with his coaching counterpart's mouth. I did like the comment about how Bisping's look was "as good as expected" after the loss tonight. And we didn't have to listen to him. Maybe he will go and have a(nother) nice long nap


Bisping talks so much shit. And he didn't show up for one of the fights in which the brits lost. He definitely knew they were gonna lose and wouldn't have the chance to gloat so he left his fighter up on his own.


Wait a second...never cared much for Henderson? He is probably my favorite fighter of all time. To me, he is what a fighter should be. Quiet, confident, and a bad ass. It would also be tough to name another guy that looks more like a fighter than Hendo.

Never liked Bisbing.


Hendo is going to destroy Bisping and I can't wait to see it.

I never liked Bisping but really grew to dislike him after he celebrated like he just won the UFC Championship when he was given that decision win over Matt Hamill. Pretty much everyone - including Dana White - admitted that Bisping had no business being declared the winner of that fight.


Its whatever, I won't be fighting him any time soon. He can brag


Never cared much for Henderson only because I didn't know him that well, until this season. Had followed his career from afar, which means didn't follow it much at all. I am getting to respect him much more.

As for the fight between Henderson and "the Count", "the Count" will be down for the count, IMHO.


I was really pulling for Bisping when he was a contestant on the show, but his mouth has really started going too far. I actually like the UK team guys better, they seem like a level-headed group, unlike the freakshows on the US team. Could all be editing though. I did love it last night when the US dude was taking bets about how many teeth he was going to knock out of the UK guy, then he got 4 of his own knocked out instead! Classic!



Bisping got out-boxed by a wrestler, and then after being the beneficiary of one of the worst decisions I have ever seen, he actually has the audacity to tell Hammill he needs to give up fighting and go back to wrestling. I wanted to kick his ass myself after that douchebaggery.


Have you seen the new tv show called "MMA Fix". It is fairly new and on the first show, they interviewed Frank Mir and he commented on the heart of Martial Arts, specifically, the fact that everyone knows Junie Browning but very few know who even won the show.

So, yeah, it is refreshing to see some level headed guys instead of a bunch of freakshows, Michael Bisping notwithstanding. To be fair, not all the US guys are freakshows. But it was ironic about the teeth.


Yeah, there are a few seemingly normal dudes, mostly the older ones. But all the drama and BS is definitely on the US side, unfortunately.


I don't think you need to get too worked up over a little Bisping trash talking. C'mon guys, this is a reality TV show....he has either been asked (by the UFC) or simply feels obliged to add some dramatic "value" to the show - if that means indulging in some fairly transparent mindgames then so be it. I'm sure Henderson knows the score and isn't giving any of Bisping's comments a second thought.

If anything, Henderson probably feels obliged to play along and exagerate his "outrage" at the trash talking for the purposes of hyping the fight.

I like Bisping. Great fighter, arguably overhyped for the purposes of the UFC's European expansion but that's not his fault - take what you can get.

I'm a Brit and was at the Bisping v Hamill fight in London - when they announced the result it felt like I was the only guy booing...it was a disgraceful decision and Hamill was robbed IMO. My mate, also a Brit, was cheering away happily at the decision and I had to tell him to shut the fuck up and open his eyes..it's not meant to be a pantomime.


That decision should be overturned worst I have ever seen. A judge scored it 30 27 seriously, Bisping at the end knew he lost but stil celebrated, it made me sick.


I was also at the Bisping Hamill fight and I scored it 29-28 for Bisping. I judge MMA in my spare time.

Having watched the Bisping Hamill fight back on video I can see the argument for scoring it a draw or even at a stretch 29-28 for Hamill but live from one fixed angle (the way a judge sees it) I scored it for Bisping.

As for his trash talking, it's a bit transparent but as you say, it's a reality show.


How first round Hamill clearly second closer but still Hamill when takedowns and cage control are added. Third still Hamill but an argument can be made for Bisping.


I hope you give up judging in your spare time if you arent any better at it than that. 99% of the population disagrees with you.


And 99% of the population haven't been trained to judge an MMA fight. They also don't know what it is like to sit ringside with a fixed vantage point judging. Their experience is based on watching multi angle with replay and Joe Rogan telling them who is winning the fight.

As I said, watching it back on TV replays I can see why people felt it was a bad decision. I can't remember exactly round by round and can't be arsed to dig it out and watch it (boring fight) but as I recall, Hamill clearly won one of the rounds, Bisping clearly won one of the

rounds and the 2nd was the contentious one (may have been the 3rd that was close.) For me, Bisping was landing his shots and Hamill was missing, again this was from a fixed vantage point (like the judges had.)

If you have only ever watched on TV, get yourself to an event and watch it live, you get a far better feel for what is landing and what is just hitting glove.


I wish they didn't select the biggest idiots in the world to represent the U.S. for the team. I know its a stupid reality show and has nothing to do with anything, but come on, can't they pick respectable, hard working fighters instead of these creepy losers. Where the hell do they even find these people


Bisping is the most overrated fighter in his division. On top of that he's cocky, arrogant and is just a big mouth in general. His ground game is weak and he has absolutely no chance in hell against hendos superior wrestling, not even a punchers chance with hendos iron chin.

My moneys on hendo, gnp round 2.

Dan just seems like a great guy in general too. On TUF, hes always cool, calm and collected and humble.


This is the first post of yours that hasn't made me want to strangle you with barbed wire. In fact, I actually agree with everything you've said here. Congratulations troll, you managed 1 legitimate post so far.


Oh i'm not a troll. I just have a tendency to rub people the wrong way, unintentionally of course .