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Why Do I Need to Keep Increasing My AI Dose?

It’s strange, but for the longest time i was considered an over responded to Anastrozole and only needed a very small dose.But lately, I’ve needed to increase my eod dosing to …50 -1.0 mg of Anastrozole per .22 ml T. My recent labs show DHT and TT, FT all in range but my Bilirubin was up slightly to 1.7 and high on the range is 1.2. So my question is could my liver be causing my E2 to clear slower, thereby resulting in a higher concentration of E2? I spoke to my Doc who said that a liver cleanse might help. I was interested if any of you guys had any experience with type of problem.
Please let me know and thanks for your help.

Upon what do you base your need for an AI?

Upon what do you base your need for an AI?

This doesn’t make much sense. .22mL is a volume, but what’s the concentration? If it’s 200mg/mL, then that’s 1mg of AI to every 44mg of test?

Yes. 44mg. of T EOD.

I’m just trying to learn is liver clensing and support will help lower my “natural” level of estrodil. AS mentioned my E2 is rising and frankly the amount of T is irellevent since it remains a constant. But my E2 require more AI to keep it in a good funtioning range. Is this an area you know something about, if so I would appreciate you feedbck.



What does this even mean? Are you just trying to keep it in the “normal” range no matter what or do you actually have long term issues that don’t work themselves out over time?

Maybe this will help. This is the part of the post you should focus on:

“My question is could my liver be causing my E2 to clear slower, thereby resulting in a higher concentration of E2?

Not likely, but we are all asking why you are looking at E2? What symptoms do you have? What labs do you have? How are you sure that your level of T is remaining constant? Are you assuming that because your dose did not change that your test level has not changed?

I realize many of you are asking those questions, but that is not what the post is about, please read carfully the question. I know most everyone likes to know all the lab info, and get real spicific, but that isn’t a conversation for this post. This post is about how the liver and how hormones clear through it. If this topic isn’t something that you have experence in, or know about it’s ok to just move on, but please don’t try to make this post about something that it isn’t. In the previous post, I highlighted the question I would like to discuss that question. Again, if that is beyone your personal experence or knowledge, that’s cool and I thank you for your interest. Really. Have a great day.

Thanks again.

I did answer your question actually. The answer is NO. If the other information didn’t matter, no one would ask for it. If you want help, play ball. If not, piss off.


Always a pleasure!


So, is it the BPH? Did you try to ride it out like someone else advised in a different thread months ago? Still using HCG? Still at 172mg/week? It’s not like you have a tone of posts to pick through and see what’s going on, but it saves all of us a little time if someone id simply forthcoming. Enjoy your suffereing.

People are trying to help you. The answer that you hope to hear, may not be what you NEED to hear.

Listen with an open mind.