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Why Do I Keep Getting Muscle Strains?

It started back in late December when I suffered a pretty severe oblique strain. That’s pretty much gone, but it sidelined me for a few months from the gym which led to a very sedentary lifestylfe. A few weeks later I suffered a neck sprain (for which I am now going to PT for and am noticing improvements), fast forward a few weeks I feel a tearing sensation in my hip/groin area which until recently I thought was a groin strain but my Dr. believes it’s a hip strain. I’ve gotten various smaller strains here and there, calf, foot, fingers, etc. and I’m not sure what to make of it or why this is happening.

Admittedly, I use to have a horrible diet, which I’ve started to see a nutritionist and am working on improving (having fruit smoothies, more water, etc.). I’m trying to be more active by walking everyday for twenty min or so. I should note I don’t eat meat so protein intake is an issue, but I do have dairy. The thing that worries me is that I’ve been active and slowly making improving my diet over the past few weeks and have still experienced minor strains. Any thoughts?

What is your age and what is does your training routine look like?

You really took off months for a strained oblique?

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I took months off from the other injuries. They just happened to overlap with the oblique.

I’m 31. When I was going to the gym I’d go as much as I could sometimes 4-6 times a week. Training routine for PT?

check hormones. Low hormones can cause joint/tendon issues.

Use of too much weight and poor form can be a cause too. If you can’t use perfect form then its too heavy. Form is critical and so is not using momentum and jerking movements. All these things can lead to injury.

No meat means no amino acids. Do you supplement with whey protein powder that is made from dairy?
I like the suggestion of hormones blood tests but I would go even farther and look at stuff like B12. I would talk to a nutritionist and get a list of things to test for. Be sure to tell them you are vegan. It sure sounds like you are missing something if not many things in your diet.

Sounds like you should start at square one. Try starting every workout with an excessive warmup. The limber 11 would be a good start. As for the workouts maybe start out with mostly body weight work. Lots of planks. Split squats etc will be great to help your body recover. Last, get your diet in order.

I have milk and cottage cheese as regularly as possible.

I believe my body is just cold from being sedentary for so long.

What’s your height and weight?

5’7 132 (up from 118, yea it was really bad I had lost most of my muscle),

Have you taken any fluoroquinolones?

how are we 11 posts into this thread and no one has asked what you do in the gym in the first place, or what you’ve done when you’ve had these strains? Is it heavy lifting? Conditioning work? Running? olympic lifting?

I believe the first reply ask about training but has yet to receive an answer.

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you’re right lol.

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I didn’t suffer the strains from anything gym related. Just walking around, bad luck basically. I got the oblique strain from reaching down to pick something up.

so, your question then is ‘why do I have bad luck?’

If anything, you’re asking for a medical diagnosis for some sort of general health condition. If you truly did suffer a severe oblique strain that kept you out of the gym for MONTHS, just from bending over and walking around, then there’s a real problem here that I doubt fruit smoothies will fix.

Is your doctor aware of all this? Does he know that basic life activities are causing you debilitating injuries?

I was thinking he may be overlapping bodyparts with his split and keeping the muscles in a fatigued state.

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