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Why Do I Have Low Testosterone?

I have multiple tests and all pretty much same the same thing low testosterone for my age 36, train 4 times a week and 15% body fat.

Is it purely genetic I have never had high test? My results of my latest tests are attached and everything seems to be working and in normal range. As you will see testotone is 8nmol which rock bottom of range.

Looks like it seals the deal for me been contemplating TRT for a while.

Any advice?

Most of the time the cause is not able to be determined. To make it more difficult, some feel terrible with mid range, or even higher, levels, while some feel fine with lower levels. Outside any obvious causes, which you are not reporting, TRT looks like a reasonable option for you.


Here are some basics, sleep, snoring, diet, alcohol intake?

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Sleep get 7 to 8 hours in bed. Sleep app says I have normal deep sleep. I don’t sore unless poorly. Drink rarely and not drank for about 2 weeks before test.


I’ll ask the obvious… do you have symptoms that low T could explain?

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Main symptoms are brain fog and apathy everyone always says how laid back I am haha

Also lowish libido

How hard are you training. Do you have significant muscle mass? Do you have impressive lifts? The training required for the two (muscle mass, impressive lifts) will in most cases result in lower testosterone levels. High level natty lifters often have lower levels than couch potatoes (as long as the couch potatoes are not obese).

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I do (ahem) CrossFit.

Back squat 130kg
Deadlift 150kg
Bench 95kg

Weight 75kg height 5’10 bf 15%

Muscle mass is reasonable do get comments from other people when in t shirts etc

Have you tried testing after not training for a week? That would tell you if are over training and getting reduced testosterone levels. Then, you would have to make a decision on if the training you do is worth being on TRT.

My TT went up by 100 ng/dL after a week off. It was still under 500 ng/dL, so I made the decision to do TRT. I was getting my programming from my PLing (powerlifting) coach, and it was hard, but not really what one would say is over training. Really probably normal training for PLing. I made the decision at 31 to do TRT for the reasons of wanting to keep training, and also sub 500 TT is not good anyways. With my levels at 31, I would want TRT eventually anyways.


You probably won’t need levels at the top of the reference ranges to feel good because of low SHBG, in fact your SHBG will likely decrease on TRT spiking free hormones which is why a high Total T probably isn’t needed.

I’m one of those guys who feels amazing midrange Total T between 400-500 ng/dL (13.8-17.3) even with SHBG at 24. That’s coming from 91 ng/dL, a level which saw me lose all of my muscle mass, yet at 500 ng/dL muscle responds vigorously.

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As you’ve been told before, do not mislead people about your personal experiences.

If these are your biggest symptoms, it’s not blatantly screaming low T. There are countless reasons for those. Even the “lowish” libido is kinda vague and can sometimes be psychological, not hormonal.

Based on the numbers, seems like a good TRT protocol should certainly help. Based on how you feel right now, meh, probably.

I did see that you were actually using a Test gel for just one month last year. Why’d you decide to stop?

All of your liver values are highlighted in red. Is there an explanation for that? Taking creatine as a supplement can give a false high creatinine level (And elevate HDL’s as well), but they’re ALL out in red for you.


Yeah gel was short lived was worried about cross contamination with my kids and didn’t realize how many messy it was

You mean kidney? I didn’t post liver values which were all normal.

Yeah CK and efgr is out of sync due to creatine

Yes kidney. Sorry.

Then TRT probably won’t help you. Try a lobotomy.

Admission is the first step towards healing.

Its not THAT bad as long as you also lift. :slight_smile: Cardio is good for you.

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