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Why Do I Feel the Effects More on Injection Days?

Hi, I am a couple weeks into my cycle, pinning twice a week. Mondays and Thursday mornings, I pin 250mg of Test-Cypionate each time, and take 0.25mg Arimidex every other day…

The water bloat on the face and eyes are pretty bad but I assume my body will work itself out…

I feel a boost and the positive effects every day I pin the most…My workouts are the best on the days I pin as well it seems…

Why is this?

… stop that… no… If you’re still bloating whilst crashing you’re estrogen… it’s not estrogen causing the bloating

placebo effect your mind tricks you into believing you are getting a boost the days you pin


Agreed :100:. I was like that in the beginning. Use it while you “feel” it.


how do you know he’s crashing LOL he could be a %25 bodyfat walking ball of aromitization for all you know.

In that case he shouldn’t be blasting plain and simple

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