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Why Do I Feel So Unhealthy and Unfit?


I've finally found what works for me when it comes to getting strong and building muscle and i've put on 20 lbs in the last 3-4 months, but i just feel unhealthy in my day-to-day life (not very mobile, feeling too heavy, and not as quick as i'd like to be) and it seems that while my strength is skyrocketing my fitness level has clearly taken a huge dive. I pretty much always eat clean yet still manage to get big. Should i keep training heavy or switch up to light weights?? i weight 5'11 250 lbs and have a slow metabolism




werent you trying to look like Triple H and become a professional wrestler?

if you go from 230lbs to 250lbs there is a pretty good chance that you will be a little slower and not quite as quick.


We need pics and your numbers to help you with this buddy.
I would add hill sprints to your routine, and then some pylo's on another day.
But really, we ned to know your goals etc.

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You body fat is higher than you're used to and you don't do enough cardio





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What conditioing work are you doing currently?
What is the rationale behind switching to light weights?
What is your priority right now?


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Bro if you are gonna be a fighter pilot you are gonna have to lose that extra muscle.


Oh no you must be a paleo cultist. Don't you know one bowl of Cheerio's has like 8 grams of whole grain and is heart healthy? J/K I'm in the grains are evil camp so you know my take.