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Why do I feel my left quad on fire when doing lunges?

My quad starts to burn after 6 reps on the left leg. It’s a burning sensation that I can’t begin to describe. I have no clue what it is or what’s causing it. My right quad feels fine. But man does my left quad burn. Any thoughts of why this is happening? There is no pain really just a burning sensation.

After 6 reps of what?


bilateral soreness/pain usually not bad news, usually just muscle soreness

unilateral pain…‘burning’ usually not a good sign, sounds like you may have a pull or sprain going on there

If it was me feeling this pain,I’d start out by hitting the ibuprofen and cryotherapy/ice massage for a few days and I’d wear a compression sleave to help support the muscles…see if it takes care of itself. But that is just me.

If it is still hurting me after that, I’d get it checked out.