Why Do I Feel Bad? Problems with High E2

Hi i have a question.
I try everything long tst enan/cyp short ester but i still feel bad. I have problems with high e2. The best for me was ED propionate 20mg but its not 100%. I feel realy good only when i get 20 mg winny per day. Why? I tried AI only 0.2 mg when i was on propionate 40mg eod and i feel good about one day after and next my E2 crash down

You told the forum nothing about yourself only what you take as a protocol.

How long you been on TRT? What’s your height and weight and age etc? How long are you running these protocols before testing? What other test results do you have namely SHBG, Total T, free T and e2?

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I had major problems on cypionate and enanthate (blood pressure would drop dangerously low while sleeping), but not so on Jatenzo at 237 mg twice daily.

I was about to try prop and heard about Jatenzo having a very short half-life and it took me 4 years to figure out I need short half-life formulations of TRT to make it work.

In a 12 hour period my levels go from 980 → 287.

My body wasn’t built to handle static unchanging hormones levels and neither was yours.

What is your “high” e2? What are your problems? Winny lowers SHBG, raising FT and is DHT itself. Why do you feel good on that? Depends on what your FT/DHT looked like before taking it.

Just curious… If you’re taking jatenzo twice a day, wouldn’t there be two peaks per day? Not just a steady decline to 287?

Yes, two peaks.