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Why Do I Care?

I know this has been talked about a million times but for some reason I am all riled up today. Why do I care that everyone else at the gym is only doing partial range of motion and they think they are tough? Seriouslly, it doesn’t impact my life at all but when I see it I get mad and its all I can do from walking over and yelling at them.

Imparticular there is this one guy at the gym that does partial squats, partial bench and partial deads and he drives me crazy! He walks around like he is tough, is always giving others advice and really thinks he is a bad ass! Granted, the weight loaded on the bar is fairly impressive all the way until he does a rep and you realize he maybe is doing 1/2 a rep (sometimes less)!

I am sure this drives other people crazy but I just wonder why I am so petty! I am there to lift for myself so why do I care about others!!! Is my ego so fragile that it bothers me that these people think they are as strong or stronger than me?

OK - rant over - thanks for listening - I feel better now!

Maybe that was a self-contained post, rhetorical and not wanting a response.

But I can give you one, cuz I am the same way about a LOT of things.

It’s the same thing as ripping a fart in a crowded room and before someone else can point at you, you pick some hapless soul and point and say “jeez, what died inside of you?”.

It takes the focus off of us.

Now, I’m not saying that you’re not doing things right, or anything like that - but it’s the FOCUS thing that is the problem.

We’re constantly attacked by things that break focus - life, money, jobs, family, the jack*ss using his waist as a pendulum while doing curls, all that stuff to take the ‘eyes off the prize’.

It’s the mentality of “at least I’m not like THAT guy” that leads us to either elevate ourselves or get complacent.

Like I said, I am speaking for myself here. I would love to say that I do this 100% of the time, but I use it to motivate myself rather than distract. 'Cuz nothing is more frustrating than seeing a guy with 10% lower bodyfat than you, bigger arms or legs doing something wrong, and you’re doing it right.

Keep doing it right, let them keep doing it wrong, and man up.