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Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys


As a request from Angry Chicken. Proceed.


Who the fuck wants to hang out with a goody two-shoes?


Not to get all Dr. Phil on you...

But girls who like bad boys as in guys that treat them like crap bad boys? Girls that like those types of bad boys have low self esteem and probably daddy issues. They believe they deserve to be treated like crap and will constantly seek out relationships that fulfill this.

Girls that like bad boys that are maybe just edgy and outside the norm? Thats really just more of the excitement of danger... or more accurately the hint of danger without being in any real peril.


I have no idea what 'bad boy' means specifically but I did learn that being a bit of a jerk does help with the ladies, whatever that means.


"Cause she can change him!!!"

"Cause even though he hurts her verbally and emotionally, he truly loves her"


First, what IS a bad boy? Does a bad boy = treat a woman like crap? I don't think so...


Then define it.


Girls want guys with confidence (and money, big dicks and huge backsquats). "Bad Boys" come off as confident. It is part of the female psyche to find a protector. It goes back to caveman days. They want a guy they feel safe around. Girls feel safe around guys that have confidence. Nice guys with confidence gets chicks too. You don't have to be a "bad boy" to get a hot chick, just don't be a pussy either.

TexAg, is that Round Rock in your avatar? If so I used to live there about 10 years ago.


Here´s the introductory chapter of the book "BadBoys" by Carole Lieberman:

What is a bad boy?

He is a rebel without a cause, a cool dude in a motorcycle jacket, a real life Huckleberry Finn, who wants to take you on a wild river ride of adventure. He is wounded, moody, misunderstood, a dreamer, a seducer, a daredevil; he is a man of mystery, and a fascinating paradox.

He is both a lost little boy, and a man with a dark side. He breaks your heart with his wicked ways, but whether he is a wanton wolf, or a dangerous desperado, he makes you long to rescue him from his pain. He is hurtful, cruel, or simply careless and self-absorbed, but you can't resist jumping on his motorcycle, and roaring off into the steamy night with him. And once you have given him your heart forever, he is gone with the wind.

He is someone who sets off throbbing sexual and aggressive passions with you, because he is aloof and elusive, you get caught up in the challenge and the excitement of the chase. Though he is not always someone you would really want, even if you did capture him. A bad boy may tell you he is generally right, he is a frog you hope to turn into a fairy tale prince, with the magic of your kiss.


^^^^ sounds like a definition of me to the T. Probably why I got laid that one time.


I suspect there are several types of bad boys. Some below:

1) pretenders

2) guys who have a edge to them, might lead the girls "astray" but nor really that far

3) the type of guy who degrades those around them because of such a toxic personality

4) sadists and I 'll include those who hate women in here.


People convince themselves of things.
In this instance, the girl probably feels like she is somebody b/c she is with the 'bad boy'. Like Hallowed said, it fulfills a need/desire(that probably stems from childhood).


Don't blow my cover, man.....shhhh


Don't think I've been attracted to that since I was in High School.
Sorry can't contribute.


I know what he did to you but Hallowed, I want you to know I will never hurt you.


I don't know but one thing I never understood, logically speaking, is that if 'girls' like them because they show vulnerability and such then why don't they fall for lovelorn wimpy guys? Surely there's more to heal and protect there than in a guy that can afford to treat her like shit? I have my own ideas as to the answer but it just kind of makes me laugh when people bring up the above justification.


There is a reason I used girls in the title


So I guess you want to turn this into a "bad boys are assholes" thread?

In the other thread, it was mentioned that women are attracted to bad boys. I suggested that that particular topic deserved a thread all by itself.

Are you denying the fact that women are attracted more to "bad boy" archetypes than "nice guy" archetypes?

We're talking about archetypes, not sadists! Jeeze....


I was trying to narrow down what was meant by bad boys. Do not forget that Ted Bundy did well with the ladies.


Angry Chicken your cover is blown.

Angry Chicken = Danielle Steel