Why Do Fatty Meals Provide Me With Most Energy & Deepest Sleep?

My questions is “Why fatty meals provide me with most energy and deepest sleep?”, my conclusion is based on numerous observations.

Whether I am doing endurance training, or strength training, hiking, cycling, boxing bag, weight lifting, if I eat pasta or rice or bread or potatoes, several hours before session, I feel weaker, short of breath. If I had something like a 500g pork roast, full of fat and oil, with small amount of carbs, I feel very strong and energized.

Same thing with hiking, when I had fruits or a sandwich, I felt weaker then when I had only cans of sardines in oil.

When it comes to sleeping, when I had butter with cheese or sausages for dinner I sleep very deep and wake up rested, if my meal was based on carbs I wake up not so well rested.

I observed this like hundreds of times. Is this normal? Why carbs dont have same or better effect on me?

In my experience fat satiates for longer, carbs are more like a shorter burst of energy. Back when i used to run long distance i would always do carbs first, earlier in the day, and something with protein afterward.

Agreed with sleeping though, usually i have to time it so i have something filling or else I have a hard time sleeping.

As far as fat before working out i can’t say, it usually bogged me down. I would certainly never eat meat before a cardio session and i don’t even eat meat anymore anyway