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Why Do Dentist Have a High Suicide Rate?


Just curious.


looking at those nasty ass teeth and fucked up gums everyday will fuck you up.


I've wondered the same thing...Wonder what Prof. X has to say about this, I believe he is in dentistry.


I think prof x is a GP, not sure though.


He's a dentist.

My understanding of the suicide rate is that it has to do with people's reluctance to see the dentist. It's depressing to be someone people dread. That may be urban legend, though.


I dunno every dentist in MA makes a shit ton of money. Damn I think my braces and bonded teeth alone put my dentist's kids thru college.


i just answered the question. :expressionless: REALLY it happens. lol


LOL. That study was based off of a list of careers where they basically just compared suicide rates. I believe it was done over 20 years ago. MD's were right below DDS's. I would not use this as some indication that people are simply killing themselves the moment they graduate. I seriously doubt you would even come to the same conclusion if this were redone today, mostly because the stresses of being an MD have increased while those for DDS seem to have decreased to some degree.

I can tell you that being a decent doctor in any field who treats people requires you to play psychologist to some degree...along with being able to leave all of that at work when the day is done. If you take all of their problems home with you, it doesn't matter what your specialty is. You will end up stressed/burned out.

In the past, MD's received much more "glory" and respect for their position as if the public didn't realize that a DDS is a doctor as well. That may have had something to do with it if this problem truly ever existed at all.


Probably because they talk to people all day that can't answer back. Must be awkward and lonely.


I always thought it was because not many people WANT to see them. I'm putting it off now because I hate the feeling of vulnerabilty I get when I'm there.


This is why the problem will be 4x worse and much more expensive by the time you get there.


you're telling me. 2 yrs ago I had an intermittent toothache that I didn't get looked at for a few months. Ended up being a large cavity and a year later needed a root canal.


very true. no argument here.


I suggest you rush to the cinema to catch the movie "The Hangover". haha

It's a great movie and one of the characters who is a dentist never gets any respect.



Apparently the high suicide rate among dentists has to do with their clientele not caring too much for them or what they do. Rejection is hard on the psyche.


You all sound like a bunch of anti-dentites.


doctors and dentists have access to all kinds of trippy drugs, and on top of that, they're always asking themselves... "HOW MUCH WOULD I NEED TO TAKE TO KILL MYSELF???"


clearly it is from exposure to mercury.


silly question


and he removes his own tooth with a pair of pliers...ouch!