Why Do Burgers Get Such a Bad Rep?

It’s always tossed in there next to Pizza in a lot of fat jokes and unhealthy pep talks. Personally I dont get it if you dont get it. It can be really really good for you if you dont buy one from a fast food place Burgers are lean beef topped with some lettuce and tomatoes in a bun. Dont get why a piece of red meat is suddenly seen as unhealthy if you put a bun on it. You can easily make this at home with a whole wheat bun and fresh ingredients Makes for a great recovery meal and indulgence especially for you bulking brahs out there :slight_smile:

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I think it is more to do with the stuff that is added between the meat and the bun than those items.

Plus the rumours of sugar added to some buns

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Not to mention a lot of burger patties and buns you get at burger joints are pretty shitty quality, and the sauces and stuff are worse. A good bun, good meat and good extras are fine.

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Its the ingredients, quantity, and convenience.

I love a lean ground burger with a couple slices of roma tomatoes, a slice of mozzarella and a few basil leaves.

I just shouldn’t eat 3 or 4 of them at a time anymore.

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When sirloin goes on sale for $3.99 / lb at my local market, l buy 5 or 6 packs and the “butcher” grinds them into hamburger. Sometimes add some fatty ground meat or maybe ribeye. Good stuff on the cheap, especially when grilled over coals.

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Gourmet Natty Organic Homemade or MacDonalds Gourmet Range…IDGAF.

Is tasty. I eat


In honor of this thread, I just made a couple of sauerkraut burgers with horse radish sauce.