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Why Do Bodybuilders Have Low IQs?


Bodybuilders are just plain dumb.

And I can speak from much experience in the health and fitness industry.

But please allow me to qualify my remarks by admitting that I am generalizing. I do not know any of you juicers personally, but even though many of you may have the physiques of fire hydrants, you have trouble walking a chewing gum at the same time. Brains the equivalent of your collective shriveled nuts.

However, I digress...

In general terms, you steroid using body gods, muscle worshippers, gym junkies and weight warriors became somewhat obsessive with your determination to develop your bodies to abnormal levels (I'm sure you know that you mutants we see flexing in little thong briefs on a stage possess abnormal physiques).

So, we may ask, why would someone do this. Again, in general terms, it comes down to two reasons: firstly, you feel that it is good therapy for your insecurity and a way to earn respect, or secondly, you want to develop your bodies because your brains are beyond help.

Either way, the intellect that drives your desire is clearly malfunctioning, because having muscles in your shit means Absolutely Nothing. If you're a social inadequate when you were a 98 pound weakling, you become even more outcast and inadequate as a 198 pound muscle addict. Everyone KNOWS you're shooting roids, LOSERS.

If you're dumb, you're just as dumb when benching 300 lbs for reps while reading the latest edition of Mad Magazine.

Now, I'll admit that a rare bodybuilder may be intelligent, its just that I never met one.

As to some evidence that bodybuilding attracts lowbrows and esteem seekers, one only has to look at the most prominent example in Arnold Schwarzenegger. Only a complete and total moron could ever be elected as Governor of California.


very poor troll job, at least make it funny, will ya?!


i didn't know Thibs, Justin Harris, Shelby Starnes among others are complete dumbasses....


How do you walk a chewing gum? Do you have one as a pet?



Is this troll season?


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This is the most obvious troll ever..

I read the title and already then, I knew this was a troll job..


..inspite of a rich history fishing the 7 seas, this [probably] dutch attempt at trolling fails miserably...


You are a prime example of why siblings shouldn't mate. This was really a weak attempt.



while I will agree that there are some pretty stupid bodybuilders out there (Valentino), who tend to be "the face" of the bodybuilding community, you will find some of the most intelligent bodybuilders on the planet on this forum...many of them are doctors or medical professionals who are involved in trying to better people's lives. They come here to share advice and information freely because they truly care about advancing everyone's collective education.

If you actually spent time here learning instead of trolling you may learn something and actually even make something of yourself. I can only imagine you are someone with really low self esteem to be hurling insults at faceless strangers over the internet. I feel sorry for you because you have found one of the greatest (free) resources on the internet and instead of using it to your advantage as most here have done, instead you have decided you would rather try to shit all over it. Whether this is because you don't have the intelligence to understand the posts on here or if you just don't care because you have given up...either way you are missing out on something pretty valuable with the power to change your life for the better.

I'm shocked I have spent this much time responding to such a stupid post (I rarely spend this much time responding to people who are worthy of my time) but I feel like someone as misguided as you needs someone to try to point them in the right direction and if I'm not part of the solution...well then I am part of the problem.

You have a choice to make...If I were you I would start with a new login name, an open mind, and a desire to learn....but then again, I'm a stupid bodybuilder so what the fuck do I know?



Looks like Bitch Tit Bob got tired of trolling the Steroid forum.


oh go burn yourself with fire...why post on a body building site in the first place?


A troll-name a little less obvious than "Bitch Tit Bob" would have been a good place to start.


I've noticed some of you are good at recognizing writing styles. Anyone have an idea of who this might really be?



Here is what bodybuilding does for someone:

It builds strength of character, strength of body, knowledge of yourself and your own limitations, a quiet confidence in being able to face any challenge no matter how daunting; one that carries over to anything you might do.

And none of that is anything to be embarrassed about. - TC


Very well done.


What is it about T-Nation that brings out the trolls? I frequent quite a few forums off all different subjects and I've never seen this crap until I found T-Nation.

I pop in on FigureAthlete every now and then to copy articles to email to my wife and you don't see the ladies trolling each other.

Is T-Nation like the first Google hit you get when you search "Good site to troll..."


seriously, that wasn't even remotely clever.


There are dumb and clever people in every profession/activity and BB is no exception.

But I guess people who work out are at least more aestheticly pleasing to the eye than some fat lazy sack of shit or 'skinnyjeans' type guy, regardless of how clever he is.

What kind of girl would want a guy who doesn't even take care of himeself? No hot girl wants to date the pillsbury doughboy or a broom stick indie guy.

That being said, guys who lift clearly show that they ARE intelligent for wanting to take care of their health.


He didnt even try.... not very good troll job.