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Why Do Big Guys Do Dips But Not Pull-Ups?


It seems that big/heavyweight lifters will often do weighted dips with a bunch of weight, but prefer pulldowns, rack chins, or a machine to weighted chin-ups.

Some say that as bodyweight increases, it becomes too difficult to effectively stimulate the back with pull-ups...OK, I could understand this, but why do dips then? It seems like whatever problems might arise with pull-ups would still be an issue with dips, but I rarely hear of people preferring bench dips or the dip machine to weighted dips.

I'm genuinely curious, but maybe I'm just imagining this disparity...what do you guys think?


Not true. I weigh 230 and still do weighted pull ups with about 25-30 lbs attached to me. A former NPC BB i know weighs 50 lbs more than me and still does weighted pull ups.


cause pull ups are harder and they're pussies. also Sarev0K... did you miss the "Lets Define It" Thread? 6'4" and 230 isnt big/heavyweight... just sayin :slightly_smiling:


Back when i was 260 i would do dips and pullups with 2 45plates on my belt. I basically just got tired of carrying the dip belt with me. Dip belt, Wrist straps, Workout journal, Anaconda protocol- got to be too much.

Other than that...bigger guys probably just dont do it out of preference. shrug


Are you really proud to be a virgin?

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I'm not 6'4. I thought i was, for years in HS i thought i was 6 foot 4 but alas, it was my boots. The doc at my LEO screening said i'm only 6'2 with my shoes off :(.

In any case, 6'2 @ 230 and I'm currently at 11% bodyfat(4 point pinch) Isn't small or medium.


Besides, did you guys even reach a final verdict on what is small, medium, big, huge, Holy Shit?


I dont think there will ever be a final verdict... but 6'2" 230 being big? I dont know... guess we'd need to see a picture

But FTR I was just messin with you in the first place


jesus christ why is it than anytime someone asks a general statement about a majority, some dude thinks that by picking out one or two examples he cancles out the entire thing.

damn sare, mind throwing up a pic?

but i still agree with OP, you don't see videos of pro bbers doing pullups, but you def see them doing dips.




but bro! I know this one dude who is massive and he ONLY does weighted pullups... So you're obviously wrong bro!


With dips, if you are doing them right, you can still effectively train your delts and pecs while still working on your triceps. i.e. your triceps won't take over.

The same is not true for pull-ups/chin-ups, especially chin-ups, and especially if you like to control the eccentrics. This is because the biceps will take over.

That's just what I think... could be wrong, I've seen big BBers do partial pull-ups to emphasize the lats/shoulder girdle/rhomboids.


o yeah



I'm 6'1" and 246 lbs. right now and I do pull-ups with (2) 45 lbs. and a 10 lbs. plate for reps.

However, I'm about to drop the weighted pull-ups and instead do body weight pull-ups (and also pick up a different exercise).

I'm gaining mass right now, and I'm finding that as I'm putting on more and more body weight, doing weighted pull-ups has become extremely taxing on my shoulders.


Just because they're bodyweight exercises doesn't mean the difficulty is equal. How many pull-ups can you do? How many dips can you do? Dips are easier and less stressful than chins are. If you can get the same stimulation from lat pulldowns without the hassle of preparation for pull-ups, the joint stress, and the difficulty isolating muscles, why do pull-ups?


about a month ago in the BB forum i had a thread entitled "I'm Glad I Dirty Bulked" and it has a pic of me at 252, then down to 230 aka now.


Never said he didn't do pulldowns, just said he did do weighted pull ups nore often than the other. I do both too, the OP made the generalization.


Thats pretty awesome man, cant wait to reach that pullling strenght


most people don't do pullups because they are hard. it's much easier to use a machine. that also goes for why most people don't do squats or deads. I think it's human nature to find the path of least resistance... and that path usually has a cable and pully attached to it:)


Oh goodness. I do what works, not what someone else thinks I should do. I don't do deadlifts. Why? It is damn sure NOT because they are "hard" because I train HARD every fucking time I am in the gym. I don't do them because I have a big back without them. I also do pulldowns. Why? Because I got big lats from doing them plus I can hold the contraction.

Vic Martinez can be seen doing pull ups in every training vid he has...and he is one of the freaks. That means anyone assuming this is something that big guys just do is WRONG. Big guys are going to do what has worked to get them big.

if you are doing exercises simply because some powerlifter on the internet told you that you are a pussy without doing them or made up some bull about every big guy not doing it because it's "hard", then you will likely not even meet your own optimal pace for muscle gains.

Do what works for you. That should be what we are all doing.

Do NOT do shit just because it's the in thing to do.

I see a lot of people here claiming they do deadlifts. I do NOT see that many really impressive backs here.