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Why Do 20 Rep Sets Make Me Want to Vomit


What is it about doing high rep sets that makes my stomach feel so terrible?

For low rep workouts (5 reps a set or fewer), I can stuff my face before and feel fine, but if I stuff my face before a high rep workout, even if it's just arms, I puke.

Is it the same reason running after a meal is a bad idea?


It must be the mental strain of counting that high that's getting to ya.


Have you done 20 rep squats? You will puke. What you 20 rep in arms? That sounds counterproductive.


Lactic Acid build up might be attributed to it. That and its a huge metabolic strain on the body, and given that the body doesn't really know that you are going to stop at 20 reps, it will focus all its energy on your current effort and, umm.. "deprioritize" incoming food for the time being.

The same thing would happen if you ate and then sprinted like a mad man for a few minutes.


I learnt that the hard way. Had 300g rice (uncooked) and chicken, then half hour later went over the rugby club and did tire sprints.. got to 4 and it hit me.