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Why did you start using Steroids ?


Ever stop to think about it ? What drove you to start risking your health in the first place ? Vanity ? Performance ? Power ? I never really thought about it till someone asked me today...

I had to think about it for a while.

I first started using gear so I could be as close as possible to my childhood dream. Ive always wanted to be a super hero. Gear is as close as I can get. Childish maybe, who cares. Every man wants to be the ultimate protector, just try to deny it.

As long as in the back of my head I know that my body is capable of recovering from the horrible abuse Im putting it through, Ill keep going till nothing works anymore. Its a mental safety net to allow you to just decimate shit.

When I cant force function anymore is when I stop.

GH peptides and steroids is mental insurance to workout how I want to. I never had any specific goals for competing or anything.

Is it the most efficient or best way to workout ? Probably not, but its what I want.

Ive passed out numerous times in the gym and on the track, eventually you just drop.

Building that strength, mental toughness and ability to force function is more valuable than anything else in my opinion. What if you had to carry your family out of a burning building, fight a wild animal, roll a car off your wife, etc.
Isnt stuff like that why you train ? In the back of your mind, dont you just look at that barbell and think, if I can lift this, I could carry my wife forever no matter how tired or injured I was, she would just feel like a backpack comparatively.

I always carry knives, I have a CHL, I carry often, I wear steel toe boots most everywhere, I drive an 80s 4x4 diesel built like a battering ram I keep a decent chainsaw and a sawzall loaded with demo blades, an decommissioned Airbottle, mask, and jacket, a surplus flack vest, an AK47 reproduction, a 357 mag and a 12 gauge in it. Ive built myself into as close as a superhero as I can be. Im trained as an EMT and II firefighter (how I worked my way through college), working on getting my paramedic certs if I can ever get the course work done, difficult with my real job, and I keep a very well, maybe somewhat illegally, stocked med kit.

Ill never be helpless or ineffective, Im a heavily armed off-road firefighting, assault ambulance. Most of my buddies have similar rides and loads, a few marines and army boys, theres another EMT and a full paramedic in the crew. The Paramedic has a pretty big brush fire truck on his land...

Between about a dozen of my close friends we are basically a trained and equipped firefighting infantry unit with assault weapons, 3 medics, assault vehicles and a firetruck.

Yes I live in the country, yes I'm a little bit country. I started using steroids because lets be honest...steroids are very American.
God Bless America. Welcome to Texas.


That was beautiful.

I started using steroids for a number of reasons. I haven't had a sip of booze since i was 16, ive never smoked dope, and all the sorts of things that appeal to people my age (partying, drugs, sex, concerts, sports games etc..) don't appeal to me. I needed some sort of vice..

Steroids have provided me with a means to become what I've always wanted to be; stronger, faster, and leaner than the vast majority of the population. Sure my parents don't approve, neither does my brother, (im 21) but they realize that it's my life and I have to make my choices. Like you said, if i ever need the strength, ill have it.

I don't ever plan on drinking or doing other drugs for the rest of my life.. so i feel that steroids were meant for me.

I believe that no one should spend their lives as weaklings.. accepting the frailty and tiredness that comes with aging..


I wish there was a "like" button similar to facebook haha, I like both of those. Me personally, I just figure that there is no replacement for displacement :wink:


I was abused physically/mentally as I was very fat. this is a way for me to get big so people dont fuck with me. I have addisons disease and take hydrocortisone and cant grow without the them.


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High school football coach told me at 6'4" and 160 lbs at 15 years off age that I would never see 200 lbs or be very strong ( great role model)

So I blew up too 225 lbs and about 8% bf my senior year. I was strong as and ox and fucking every skirt I got a whiff of. Then I had a bad car accident that left me learning to walk again for the 18 months. Around that same time I was diagnosed with crohns disease.

Talk about a hardgainer. After a few years of feeling sorry for myself I nutted up and started lifting again. I couldn't gain any weight because I would either just shit it out or thrown it up. Read how aas help with protein synthesis and peptides regenerative properties.

Happy to say now Im back up to a lean mean 250 lbs and I'm the strongest guy in my shitty little gym and damn proud of it.


I started using after I broke my back in Gymnastics. It was a way to recover and make sure my back was strong enough that it would never happen again. Now I have a 260kg Deadlift, I dont do gymnastics competitively anymore but lifting has taken its place.

Now I think I have the super hero idea as well. I have trained in more martial arts than most people know about, have a level of body manipulation that most people are astounded by and place in every meet I enter. Now I just want to be strong, as strong as possible and that is not possible without AAS.

My goal is now to make it to twice the weight I was when I left high school, 120kg and still be capable of most of my Gymnastics movements. That would be insane. xD


I think it's because the way I look at my own body. When I started at age 21 I weighed a little over 70kg. After 10 years of hard training and eating I was about 105kg (1 meter 80 big). The down side was some fat around the waist.

When I see myself in the mirror I still see that small tiny kid. Not as buff as people tell me I am (FFS buff is 130kg don't they know that!?).

I just ended my first cycle of Test E... And can't wait to start again.

For me I gave it my best and after 10 years I realized I could not achieve the body I wanted without the AAS.

It seems I suffer from bigorexia.


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Getting older sucks. Testosterone makes it suck less :slight_smile:


I got into it by way of TRT...I realized how amazing I felt on TRT and how much it helped me put on weight and gain strength. The funny thing is that, contrary to all media hype, testosterone has made me a much, much kinder and all-around better person. My wife will attest to this: I was an irritable little bitch before TRT. I felt like crap most of the time and never knew why. Anyway, once I was already doing the stuff for a while and was familiar with it and educated on it to a reasonable degree, it wasn't a big leap to simply jack up the doses and add another drug or two.

I find that the drugs are an odd motivation for training...If I skip a meal or skip a workout or skip a set or don't fight for my life on that last rep, I know to some extent I "wasted" the drugs, since they're still only an adjunct (albeit an amazing one) to diet and training. They're a great reminder to do the work.

I'm not just genetically un-gifted, I'm genetically cursed. TRT compensates for that. Cycles...well, I'm on my first one so we'll see. But I grew like a weed on a 200mg/wk TRT dose, so I'm expecting great things. It's only the beginning.


Haha I think BBB just likes to tinker.

He just likes to mess with things to see what will happen.


I can do Straddle Planche Push-ups, Flags, Free Standing Handstand Push-ups and I can do standing Front and Back Saults, Gainers, Aerials, B-Twists, A-Twists all sorts of Acrobatic movements as well as having a 150kg Bench, 255kg Squat and a 270kg Deadlift all RAW (Belt and Knee Wraps is RAW to me).


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Thanks. My plan is to try to maintain my current level of ability with my Acro and Strength Skills while getting as big and strong as possible. My ultimate goal is a 2000lb+ RAW Total while being able to do everything I can do now. Its going to take a long, long, long time but thats what I want.

EDIT: In my BW manipulation prime I could do 5 one arm chin-ups. I wish I could do that now but Im about 10kg heavier. xD


Thats a great story. I want to be a super hero aswell. We should make a justice league like group, and have a annual meeting.

I dont take any steroids, but I am interested in TRT.

tweet tweet


I can do all of the acrobatic moves that you listed also, I learned most of it before i started lifting, but after doing my first cycle and improving my squat, my vertical jump also increased and I find things like backtucks and front tucks much easier now, despite being 30 lbs heavier then when I started lifting


I can do flags, I just have to have something rooted in the ground well that I can actually grip, due that Im now pushing 240.

The only other things I learned was back flip and front flip.

Explain some of the basics of performing these acrobatic movements as a large person Id be interested in training them.


I have no issues with using drugs steroids are drugs just made sense because I always want to be bigger and stronger than anyone in the room. Its the drive that I need to be bigger and stronger that made me want to use. That extra strengh and size sure does come in handy from time to time.

Have you ever got in a fight with a guy that never trains or lifts a weight and thinks he's tough? It's awesome how easy it is to toss them around and mop the floor with them. I don't know why people like that would want to fight me


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