Why Did You Start Training? What Ultimately Drives You?

More specifically, what’s your starting story? Was it just sports? Were you picked on? Were you just sick of being small? What are the details?

I found my self in a bit of self reflection for the last week. While I haven’t missed a workout in probably 8+ months without extenuating circumstances, I’ve just been grinding them out. In the process I just figured this would be entertaining, and help the cause.

So… shoot.

To take care of my fucking body, and build armor phychologically to make me feel like I’m alive and not a pathetic whiney bitch. I have self respect now! I see challenges and have faith in myself. I’ve filled that inner void people have with determination to never be “sick” again

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What drives me. Running from the reaper, I’m old as dirt but not ready to be buried in it just yet.


Wanting to be big and strong is one of the earliest memories I have. I couldn’t even tell you why I want it at this point; just that I do.


I love a challenge and I don’t need knight in shinning armor to save me.

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Couldn’t agree more, and it’s a feeling I don’t think most people can wrap their heads around.

This is probably the most relatable to me for sure, at least in the beginning.

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I guess I should do mine as OP.

Honestly when I started I was a chunky kid. My dad was framing houses and built like a brick shit house. I always grew up watching macho 90’s actions flicks, and just looked up to the stronger man. That was enough to get me started.

Took a break after high school due to some home drama and not having the dedication set in yet. Managed to thrash my lower back wrestling one of my friends. I couldn’t lift for several years (Not anything barbell related anyways) and got another taste of being weak. So now I guess for lack of a better word I’m obsessed with making myself fucking bulletproof. I want to do all the shit my back prevented me from doing for so long. I can’t stand the thought of being weak again, I would rather be dead.

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I started with calisthenics because I saw the big shredded six pack flaunting calisthenic guys on Insta and YouTube. Wanted to be sexier so that’s how I started.

Turns out they were fake natties who skipped legs. Still I got a decent upper body base through pull ups and chins with added weight. Wasn’t until later that I started doing body part splits that I began squatting, push/pull/legs and then full body stuff. I had a housemate who was into Powerlifting and so i got put onto that. It spiced things up and so far has contributed to more Hypertrophy actually. And here we are. That’s my training history I guess

Somewhere along the way the gym became my chill time and less so about looks and sexiness. It’s not exactly like relaxing but it lets me zone out things from outside the gym and live/lift in the moment. Kinda like a fucked up form of meditation

Also a social thing at times. I’ve met lots of great people IRL and on here. I was at one small non commercial gym for a bit with a great community and it’s nice to get in workouts with mates and drive to the best gyms in state with like day or casual passes.

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I started just to be healthier. Having both parents die young of health issues was a driving force. My mom died at 29 of uterine cancer and my died at 52 of colon cancer. I started when I was 28 at 5’6", 130lbs of skinny fat. I was never happy the way I looked . The joke about me was that if turned sideways and stuck out my tongue I looked like a zipper! Fast forward 30 years of consistent training. Believe it or not I have never had a week where I didn’t get at least 3 days in at a gym somewhere. I’ve been all in from the start, training,meals and supplements. Trained as natty for 25 years. Started trt about 5 years ago. Today I’m 58 and I stay at a lean 168-170. I LOVE weight training today as much as I always have and will do it till I die or can’t do it anymore.


Well I almost died. Motivation, yup!

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Awesomeness. You took charge of your health and keep at it :hugs:

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Mostly I got tired of being gawky…before I started lifting I was as light as 180lbs at 6ft 6…I now have the opposite problem weighing in at about 315+lbs lol

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Aww, your joints must hurt.

Naah, my joints feel fine, I just wanna get rid of my power-belly…get down to around 280 maybe…I look pretty solid at that weight.

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Ok, good my hubby is 6 4 and has joint problems because he is a wee bit bigger than he needs to be. He used to be able to eat anything, when he was younger…then hit “Father Time”

Same. I dont know why but ever since i was little, when i watched some cartoon or something i can remember wanting to be big and strong like them. I remember watching strongman on tv at some point to and wanting to be like them as well. Just always something i’ve wanted. I guess i could say my dad was apart to play too, he’s 6’4 and worked labour all his life and built like a brick. Strong asf

I was a little overly chubby kid right up until puberty where the fat came right off but i was still what you would call “short and stocky/bulky”, i started lifting weights and it’s something i always wanted to do and so of course i loved it and the results. The gyms also like my happy place where it helps me deal with stress and just focus on the weights . Last year i started learning more about strongman and became a big fan of eddie hall. I then attended a local strongman comp and got hooked so now i really want to compete in strongman and become Australias strongest man someday. I’m 16 now.

I’m sure you can do it :hugs:.

Yeah…you definitely gotta reign in the calories with age, depressing but neccessary, lol


Good luck to ya. My sis’s coach is from Australia :hugs: