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Why Did You Start Training Combat Sports/ Martial Arts?


Why did you start? Hobby? Self defence? Fitness? Discipline?

It caught my eye for a while and i’ve always wanted to try combat sports, plus i needed something to do so i signed up. Also because of a recent physical confrontation with my dad.

whats your story/reason?


I started once I retired from football (soccer), after a argument/disagreement with my club. There were no other options for me to join another team as I live in a one team town.

I lifted for awhile and rode my bike to keep fit, but I wanted to do something more, and I felt it was important I had some human contact outside of work and home.

I always thought that it would be cool to not only look like a beast, but also to have the skill to kill to go with the muscles.

I train BJJ 2-3 times a week, and attend a boxing class when I can (usually 1-2 per week).



Father/son/brother bonding. We tried to get my mother in, too, but she didn’t go for it.

We had so much fun I kept doing martial arts on and off for years, and I first got into weight lifting to cross train for martial arts. Now I mostly do weight lifting and do some martial arts on my off days or when I’m on the road and can’t get to a gym.


I was tricked into thinking I was going to a Brazilian Steakhouse.


Fell in love with the UFC from the first event. My neighbor got it on PPV and I went over to watch. I was hooked immediately. Had two MMA fights in college the summer before my senior year in 2003 (with barely any training). Always wanted to get back into it but work wouldn’t allow. When work finally did allow (or so I thought), and I went back to the gym, I realized that things had changed a lot in the intervening decade. Even amateur fighters are spending way more time training than I had available with a fairly demanding career, wife, and 4 kids. I kept going to the MMA classes though since it was good cardio and fun. Bought my first gi about 3 months in, and got my ass kicked in my first bjj class by a 150 lb blue belt. He might have triangled me 7 times. Been hooked on it (bjj) ever since.


Ive answered this before but its always worth sharing.

I was a tiny tiny kid, big mouth and angry as F.
moms and pops put in a YMCA judo camp - and I stayed.

I started HS at 4’10 and 93lbs in clothes in 1984.
some big kid grabbed me in the hallway and
was like “coach simpson wants to see you .”

I went to one practice and was hooked.
what other sport can you beat someone’s ass
when you weigh under 100 lbs.

black t-shirt anger- teen angst wanting to get out of the
shit of 80’s crack NYC and family bullshit.
fueled me thru HS wrestling, jr college, two D1 programs
post college international greco back to judo and then BJJ.
gave me the confidence and balls to deal with life

really @twojarslave answer is the best ever


I was a fat kid who got picked last at team sports.