Why Did You Pick Your College?

Hi everyone
Now I’ve never posted on here but I read every article to help benefit my training. I’m 18 and live in Alaska and will be graduating from high school on May 8, I’m at the point in my life where I’m applying to colleges. Now I’m not going to any big school just staying in state. I?ve applied to all three colleges we have up here UAF, UAA, UAS and I’ve been accepted to all of them. I’ve lived most of my life in anchorage and I don’t think I want to go to UAA.

Right now I’m living 5 hours from Fairbanks so I know I’d like it there for college (UAF) and that was my plan school. But during spring break it hit me man I graduate here in a month wow; and I started think about going to UAS in Juneau instead cause it would be something totally different.

So I talked to my mom and pops and asked them what they think. They told me that college is about an experience and it should be fun while bettering my education. Then I asked my teacher she told me that if I want to do it go for it, worst that could happen is that you transfer to UAF if you don’t like UAS.

My major is going to be biological sciences. UAF has a better school for that then UAS. But I was thinking for trying UAS for a year or two and see if I like it and if I don’t transfer to UAF.

The bigger picture for me is that apart of me says to take the chance and go, but the other part says go to UAF. Now I don’t want to get through college at UAF and be like man why didn’t I go to UAS and try it. But then again I don’t want to get to UAS and be like this sucks why’d I come here.

Guess what I’m asking is what about you guys, what where your reason you went to the college you did. Just trying to get some help

I was told go to the best academic school you can afford, I think it is sound advice if you are a serious student which it sounds as though you are. You have 50 years to generate an income that will probably have something to do with the education you received.

I chose Arizona State University for 4 reasons:

1.) Reasonable tuition
2.) A solid business school
3.) I wanted to move away from the midwest
4.) Hot women

Thinking back to being 17, I probably chose in reverse order.

Louisiana has a program in which if you have the grades and the ACT score they’ll pay for almost all of your tuition and then some if you go to a state school.

All I pay for is living costs.

It was pretty easy to get in and they have a Med School associated with the LSU family of schools.

I chose Cornell because… well…

I have no idea. I just chose it because it was the best school I got into. Really. That’s it. I didn’t even visit any of the colleges I applies to. I didn’t even CHOOSE the colleges I applied to.

And I fucking regret it.

Choose carefully. I regret to this day not paying more fucking attention to what I now realize is a HUGE life decision.

[quote]JN7844 wrote:
I chose Arizona State University for 4 reasons:

1.) Reasonable tuition
2.) A solid business school
3.) I wanted to move away from the midwest
4.) Hot women

Thinking back to being 17, I probably chose in reverse order.[/quote]

I think I’m going to be applying to ASU for doctoral work. They have a pretty good guitar/music department.

I choose undergrad because they had the program I wanted: guitar performance/music business. They also gave me some free money for just existing. The school I picked had a pretty good music department, but the rest of the academics were…sub par. I didn’t try very hard and got better grades than I probably should have.

I chose my graduate school because I was offered an assistantship. Getting paid to go to school is pretty okay.

I would suggest, OP, that you pick the best academic program you can find. But you should visit each school. Some schools have weird vibes. I remember visiting a school and then not applying there–it was very cult like. The school was a small religiously-affiliated college.

There will be plenty of opportunities to make poor decisions at any school.

I was born to be an Aggie. When I began walking I knew I wanted to go to Texas A&M, be in the Corps of Cadets, and ride in Parson’s Mounted Cavalry. Didn’t even bother applying to any other schools. Beautiful women, a great engineering school, and the Dixie Chicken didn’t hurt the stay.

First, realize that college is mostly what you make of it, in terms of social life, academics, extracurriculars, ect. Your college experience will be somewhat similar regardless of where you go.

That being said, definitely go visit the schools and get a sense of the places, and what they look like, ect. If you can stay with a friend there and go to classes and hang with them for a couple of days, that would be the best option. The college tours aren’t that useful, as you are not getting an unbiased view.

And personally, assuming there aren’t huge discrepancies between the schools in other areas, I’d go to the place with the best academics.


1.) the crimson tide man!
2.) southern bells are hot!
3.) country girls are wild
4.) weather is nice
5.) you’re boy holymac can show you a good time.

  1. The money
  2. I came from a blizzard in Colorado to a beautiful spring day in Oklahoma
  3. I had family in Oklahoma, but not too close
  4. I had no desire to go to a school near home

'Cuz art school chicks are hot.

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

I still don’t know why I chose this place but I don’t regret it.

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


  1. Cheaper for me to go to scotland than staying at home in ireland.
  2. Didnt want to stay at home
  3. Didnt want to go to England.
  4. Got rejected from Edinburgh University.
  5. Glasgow University is full of snops and toffs, i wouldnt have fitted in.
  6. So it basically left Strathclyde uni, which luckly has one of the best business schools in the world. :smiley:


UCD University College Dublin

1.Its in Dublin, awesome city
2.Wanted to move away from home
3.Its probably the best university in the country and recognised world wide.
4.I felt getting a degree is sometime useful to have regradless of what i decide to do, its also a great time for maturing. Man am i happy who i became during college. Big step up from high school.

Uni of Southampton

  1. Close to home but not too close
  2. Good academic standing
  3. Next to the sea, so I can sail turned into next to the sea, so I can coastal row
  4. Nice town, if you avoid …

I chose the University of Texas, Austin because it had excellent academics and was a top school for what I wanted to study (business). It was far enough away from home, without being completely foreign. The women are beautiful, much better than at A&M, and I got a couple of scholarships that sweetened the deal if I stayed in Texas.

So, in order,

  1. Excellent academics
  2. Got scholarships
  3. Close, but not too close, to home.
  4. Mmmhhhh… girlz…

No, seriously, that was the order in which I chose. Seriously.

For the OP, I’m having difficulty telling the difference between UAS and UAF. Can you elaborate?

Hmmm…college…what do I remember? Actually, all of it. I was a nerdy, studious type.

I chose it because…
1.) One of the best biomedical programs in Canada
2.) Cool, laid back city. The types from the “NJ Guido” thread wouldn’t be welcome there.
3.) I was a sluml…err…LANDlord there and it helped me pay for school. Fixing the toilets of fat chicks at 11pm sucked though.

Ithaca College

Ithaca is kind of my second hometown, lots of relatives within 10 minutes or so. I didn’t know that there was even an Ithaca College until my senior year or so, which just so happened to have a great Exercise Science program and would let me do ROTC at Cornell University.

I’m from Upstate NY so I never thought that I’d go to school so close to home, but it’s been working out so far.

University of Arkansas

1-Go Hogs Go
2-Best lookin girls
3-about 3 hours from home, so far enough that I was away from home, close enough I could get back in an emergency
4-developed Fraternity system
5-good reputation for my major

University of Kentucky

  1. I resist change in my personal life, and I had been attending part-time through high school.
  2. They gave me the most money, as a percentage of total cost, of any of the schools I applied to. Other schools gave me higher dollar amounts, but were almost 10x more expensive.
  3. If you intend to go to graduate school and are a good student, undergrad is not that important.

If you have a specific graduate program you’re interested in, however, it’s hugely beneficial to attend that school for undergrad and impress the professors in the department.

Remember that for undergrad, you get out what you put in. If you don’t apply yourself, it doesn’t matter where you go.