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Why Did You Choose to Support the GOP?


My reason is this.

When I was 16 DHS made the decision that I could no longer live with my mom because "I was out of control". Why was I out of control you ask its because I dropped out of school at age 16 and was going to get my GED, when they asked me what my plans where after I turned 18 I told them it was none of there fucking business and that was enough to qualify me being "out of control". I had cops run and tackle me while I was walking down the street, put me in handcuffs and take me to a place where they take juvenile delinquents and kids about to go into foster care. I was there for a month, I was forgotten about. In the end after a lot of events it was me who had to get me out. The government decided they could take better care of me then my mother then completely forgot about me.

I have seen the dangers of big government and it scares the shit out of me.

This is why I choose the GOP small government is the only government that is safe.

*Edit I was supposed to be at that placement for 3 days. That's how quick they forgot about me.


Hahahaha. The GOP is the party of small government? The same GOP that trashed the Constitution, had the largest discretionary spending increase since LBJ, created whole new federal bureaucracies (the Orwellian Department of Homeland Security), dropped well over $1 trillion on a war of choice, and harps about earmarks because it has no fundamental issue with entitlements? Do some reading.


Well I support the war that's why I enlisted at 18, got injured in Basic/AIT and was unable to continue so me and the GOP are in agreement in that issue. GOP is very small government compared to the alternative.


thats the problem, its still too big. the alternative to big government where they tell you its big, is big government but instead they tell you its "smaller governement." I really don't understand why people bother to vote GOP.


I agree with most of there policies , but I am hoping that this will be the wake up call it needs to start practicing even smaller government. I am paying very close attention to how things are turning out and right now the GOP is starting to gravitate back to its roots, doing so we are begging to see the weaker of the GOP fall off. This congress has already proven to me and many others that they are worthless this is the time where we will see if the GOP has returned to what I call the GOP or if it is going to continue to drift even closer to the left.


"Even smaller"?

When was the last time they cut the budget?


Right after they caught Ben Laden and removed their troops out of Iraq.


Repulicans and Democrats are two sides to the same coin


Thank you.

Both parties have spewed out so much rhetoric and dribble over the years that they actually have people believing...TRULY believing that one does this, and the other does that.

Sure...they may have some "hot-button" social issue, that as a Party, they may differ on...but TOTAL SPENDING IS NOT AN AREA WHERE THEY DIFFER.

The GOP just loves to position itself as "The Smaller Government" Party.

The facts over the years just don't jibe with the rhetoric. BOTH parties spend like a Sailor on shore leave.



A family member of mine was a child abuse investigator. Talk about a job. She saw all kinds of nasty shit. Kids with burns and bruises. Some kids needed to be taken away from their parents. Period. I doubt anyone (sane) denies this.

Is "the market" going to step in and provide this service?

That family member quit the job within a year. It turns out she was told she would never have more than 20 cases at one time. Within a few months she had over 40. She had a legal obligation as well. If she made a mistake and a kid died or was badly hurt, she could be prosecuted. The reasons she had so many cases were many, and included: 1) The job paid shit; 2) understaffed; 3) underfunded; 4) the legal obligations referenced.

You (the op) claim you should not have been taken away, and that once you were you were "forgotten about." That sucks, no doubt. It's horrible. So what is your solution to this problem? You were, according to you, incorrectly chosen, but you're not denying that some children are abused, right? Are you going to "starve the beast?" Do you think less funding will lead to better service?

One of the reasons I don't support the GOP right now is that I don't see them giving believable solutions to the above problem. All I see is some romanticized vision of a past where "things like this didn't happen" (BS) or a belief that "Markets will fix all the world's problems". I believe that government does have a place and a role to play. "The system" should be fixed so that what happened to you doesn't happen again. That won't happen by cutting funding. And I don't think we as a society should allow abuse. We need someone to investigate child abuse.


HEY - no one said that every republican abides by the conservative principles - the fact that there is any irony at all in your post is because republicans are supposed to vote differently then we saw in the last decade - THAT IS OUR POINT - let the GOP be the conservative small government party that it is supposed to be - those in leadership that thought expanding the party rolls to include "neo-conservatives" have wrecked our reputation by that decision - but our principles still hold true!!


The views they claim to hold are closer to mine then the democrats, so I'll vote republican most times simply because there are not enough independents or libertarians out there. I think the democratic party is a run away train of bad/stupid ideas. The republicans have had an embarrassingly bad record of late, but at least they are not democrats. Unfortunately, it's the only choice I have most of the time.


They have had anembarrassing bad record my whole life, can't say much more for the dems


I just wonder how many republicans would rather vote libertarian but don't because of the "can't win" factor. Well if it makes you feel any better a bunch of us jumped ship this past year and the GOP got creamed, so you might as well vote for the loser who more closely represents your ideals. I doubt the GOP will EVER win another presidency unless they nominate a libertarian like Ron Paul or someone from his movement. There are just too many of us who will refuse to vote for any of thier big spending picks any more.



I was not talking about child abuse in the least. They have every right to look into that, but my problems where nothing like that. When DHS does there job correctly(I.E. taking care of the children that are child abused) then I have no problems with them, but when they targeted me over some stupid shit that just shows me they have to much time on there hand to be dealing with that stupid shit. Cut the funding so they are forced to only care about what they are supposed to.

They government is there to protect us, child abuse falls under that category my situation on the other hand did not.