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Why Did Pastor Wright Not Matter?


Just curious...why did the fact that Obama sat there listening to him for 20 years, got married by him (I think) and had his children baptised by him, not matter?

If John McCain or Mitt Romney had sat and listened to something analogous to that, they'd have never even gotten the nomination...for dog catcher.

This is NOT a troll thread. I am genuinely curious.


Because Bush was THAT bad.


Well, that doesn't explain anything. Bush wasn't running. We had a dude who was a war hero, whose bones were broken so many times by his captors that he can't raise his arms or type on a keyboard, and who was the captain of compromise.

Spend 3 minutes and watch this:


Neither candidate Obama or his Pastor are white and/or republican. Question answered.

What was the opening line in that AP story about Beck's rally? Something like "...a predominately WHITE (zomg! call the National Guard!) audience..."

I bet that 'journalist' locked himself/herself away (don't remember) in an impromtu emergency-diversity-training session (to repel the surely soon to march predominately white audience), before realizing that his/her fellow session participants were predominately white.


I know numerous people (esp teachers) who happily voted Obama and yet, if I asked them about Obama's background and associates, they either dismissed this with a wave of the hand or said the Republicans were playing dirty. Yet, the Youtube vids are there. It wasn't some secret knowledge. It just didn't matter to them.

When we hire a new teacher, their background is investigated, they get fingerprinted, and so on. We are very careful (had a female teacher banging with one of our FB players years ago, so we're even more careful now). Yet POTUS requires very little thought?

I am still bewildered by my fellow Americans.


I am confused is he a Bad Christian or is he a Muslim ? or is he a Muslim pretending to be a bad Christian, Or is he a bad christian pretending to be a bad Muslim pretending to be ...................

I wonder how many people remember the way the Republicans went on about Clinton , He was flying cocaine into Little Rock , He had Vince Foster killed for boinking Hillary, He was selling top secret stuff to Russia .

I am amazed Americans have such a short memory, this is the same game the Republicans play when the Dems have the White House


Good job completely missing the point of the thread and go off on an anti GOP rant. I have an idea, stop being a fucking retard and post something of relevance to the thread. Troll...


Lol @ his mentor! Also, decide already, is he a muslim or a christian (with a pastor as his mentor)?!

Strange you weren't outraged by that hypocrit fag Ted Haggard, who apparently spoke to Bush almost every week.

If they ban you one day, PWI will be far less funny, clip11, I mean Headhunter.


Who is Ted Haggard (srs)? Never heard of him.

I guess the question of why so many people ignored documented evidence is one that'll remain unanswered. Robert Byrd was a Klansman and that was ignored. Woodrow Wilson said terrible things about black people that got ignored (of course back then most white Americans agreed with him).


There's not a super secret (or honorable) answer. Of course it wouldn't have mattered to them. Obama (pastor) is identified as black, and as a Democrat.

I-spy-racism! is nothing more than a tool to bash white conservatives--black conservatives get the Uncle Tom treatment. That's it, no wordy responses needed. I-spy-racism! can be picked up or put down. Whatever, whenever, serves the cause.

We all know this, when we're being honest with ourselves. Heck, I'd be shocked if even one anti-Tea Party forum dweller actually believed his own accusations--in various threads--of tea party racism.

Politics is war, and scorched earth is the policy.


Because black people can't be bigots, according to the main stream thinking.

That, and the media just hid stuff. The USA media completely took sides in an election.

It reminds me when I studied the Tet Offensive in a US history class and when I studied it in an officer-training/tactics class. The US history class (written in English, for American college students) taught me it was a horrible defeat for the USA. The tactics class (all about killing people) taught me about what a complete cluster-fuck it was for the Vietnamese, how NO objectives were accomplished and how the USA troops soundly, and effectively, put down this effort with minimum USA casulaties.

I was thinking --- how the disconnect --- and realized the USA media, and Walter Cronkite, in particular, simply lied, and recast complete victory as a terrible defeat --- because it fit their agenda.

Obama and many other things are the same way.

Black racism does not fit their agenda --- ergo, it is not mentioned.

(Just a for example, did you know about black mobs having "Beat Whitey" nights at the Iowa State Fair? I didn't either, but a friend (who is an observant Jew) got beaten by a crowd of 40+ blacks the other day. Been going on for a while, but was not on the local news --- I guess it didn't fit the agenda.)


TY, its beginning to make sense...I think. To me, the POTUS should be a man of honor who is completely honest and above board with his beliefs and his past. That IS rather delusional I know. When Obama won, I had to scratch my head and wonder.

Most people don't think like me. To me, honesty and integrity are supreme values. To the people who chose Obama, those things aren't nearly as important as their agenda.

These are all excellent posts, gents. I think I'm kinda figuring it out!!


It is not an anti GOP rant , it is fact . Republicans have not changed their Method of Operation since I have become politically aware.

This is the same old shit . One day Obama is a Muslim the next day he is a bad Christian , sorry you can not grasp the conundrum .




I spent the three minutes watching and found nothing shocking. In '08 I'm not sure that many people felt like jumping on pastor wright for attacking rich white men.

They also understand rhetorical exaggeration in the context of a church. He has a point to make and he doesn't have time for nuance.


I know you know the answer to this question. But, I'll spell it out for you anyway. The press wanted Obama elected-PERIOD.


I think it is a lot simpler , The Republicans did not want Obama elected , so he will be able to do no good , he will be the epitome of evil . A Muslim , a bad Christian , Foreign born, socialist and Nazi. I am sure I have forgot something




Your right , I forgot he is GHEY :slight_smile:


And the Dems have? You're such a kool aid drinking d'bag.