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Why Did My First Cycle Fail?


As I mentioned in my prevoius post im 19 years old and this was my first cycle. I Recieved alot of criticism becuase alot of people beleived i should'nt be starting this early. But I am a college footbal player. Many of my teamates and a couple even younger then me are using steroids, they are passing me by and not even working nearly as hard as me. I made it through the first 2 years of college on pure hardwork but i feel as if now coming spetember my scholarship is going to be taken away if i dont step up my game. Now this doesnt mean i wont be able to afford school, i worked all last summer and my parents i know will be willing to help. but i rally dont want to lose my scholarship.

. I am 19 years old and been training serously for 3 years I weight 245 pounds.

(((((DAY 1)))))))
20mg, of dbols
o.5cc of test prop
0.5cc of masteron
1 pill of arimidex

4000-5000 calories

First day on gear. Felt extremely light headed and felt like almost fainting after some heavy squatts and deadlifts barely finished workout
and had light headache all day

(((((((DAY 2)))))))
20mg of dbol,
okay workout no pumps felt okay no headaches
thought to myself myabe dosage is too low

((((((DAY 3)))))))
1 cc of test prop
0.5 cc of masteron
40mg of dbols
1 arimidex,

25 minutes after my dbols (1hour 30 mins after my test, masteron, arimidex) I felt extremly dizzy ,light headed and heavy chested. Started workout , after warmup whole upperbody extremly pumped and huge heart beat and huge heart rate with some dizziness. stop workout and walk for 1.5 hours with sipping water.

during the walk heart rate dropped but chest felt heavy still
went home ate nothing excpet 2 bananas 2 hours apart and lots of watre. then 5 hours later went to store and got BP cheked and it was alright nothing too big dystolic a little low 65 and systolic 175 but then 5 minutes later 135. finally got calm and relax, went home and ate a chiken breast and a glass of milk. chest got heavy again but no increase in heart rate or dizzines.

(((day 4-5)))))
dropped the dbols and had good workout and little chest discomfort and started taking .5 arimi E3D
left side of chest began to kill, cheked bp it was 145/85 then 5 minutes later it was 135 /65
then on day 7 I STOPPED EVERYTHING. I cried for a bit becuase i really wanted this to work and later that evening my left chest bean to feel all warm and burning again.

can someone please help. If i cant use AAS this is probably the end of football career.


Know your sources, know where your gear comes from. And know if you have a potential medical problem.

Oh, and dont use steroids. You can wait. If you NEED AAS to go further in football that means you cant play to begin with. AAS are just supplements.


WTF. Its not the end of your football career. you are over reacting - there are plenty of people that don't use steroids that play football.

First of all, CC's are completely useless unless you say how many mg/ml the compounds are. Second, there is no need for masteron, at all. I don't know what's wrong with your chest, but honestly, its best you stopped. You don't need this stuff. How can you play football if you can't even lift weights due to the shit you're taking?????


not only can i not lift weight while on it i cant eat (chest starts to hurt after awhile) focus or have any fun, How do you guys feel when on the juice, any of these symtoms exist with you guys???

and for DAJA true i can still play football but not at the highest level, I hate working twice as hard and getting halve the results of all my teamates. I dont want to compete in a an atmosphere were i know everyone who is better then me with an eception of few are on roids.


Get off the a-dex, that stuff made me feel like complete shit. Use Nolva instead, i have no side effects with it. Anyways you dont need a cycle but it sounds like you are already going, ditch the adex and just keep it simple. Just stick with the test and use that see how your body reacts. Make sure you run a proper PCT at the end so your natty test can catch back up.


so you recommend continuing??? does anyone else agree that it could be the dex messin with my chest becuase test prop and masteron arent really known to have such bad side effects


What? No, I don't recommend continuing at all. None of those symptoms are things you should continue with. By all means drop the adex if you want and keep trying, but at 1mg ED of arimidex, I have nothing like what you are describing. First thing to drop is the masteron, no need for that at all. And you're 19! No need for any juice. Jesus.

You can't work out, you can't eat, how the hell are you going to play football? Now your teammates are certainly passing you by. Stop taking this stuff. And honestly, the guy is right, if you need steroids to be good at a sport, it really might not be your sport. You say the other guys are better than you? They are not all using steroids.... what college are you at? You get drug tested don't you?

I think you're exaggerating your predicament... you have plenty of test in your system at your age and should be able to perform with everyone else as long as you have natural athletic ability and work hard.


im not exxagerating my situation, eveything im saying is the honest truth. Like i said its not about just being able to compete, its about being good enough for the school to pay for your education, & it hurts me that some of my teamates on scholarships dont workout or eat as strictly as i do are doing good becuase their on AAs and are becoming bigger and stronger than me.


im not exxagerating my situation, eveything im saying is the honest truth. Like i said its not about just being able to compete, its about being good enough for the school to pay for your education, & it hurts me that some of my teamates on scholarships dont workout or eat as strictly as i do are doing good becuase their on AAs and are becoming bigger and stronger than me.


Are you sure they are using steroids? You all should be able to do the sport without steroids. I take it you are good enough to get a scolarship in the first place meaning you were good before you were using steroids. Yes, the game steps up a notch in college, but then so does your training. You don't NEED steroids to compete bud.


okay considering that ive stopped for 4 days now and still get haevy chested at times and experiance burning feeling time to time what should i ask my doctor for im going to go see him tomarrow. I herd you can get ecg scans or something??? and ive was only on for 6 days should i mention the use????


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You didn't use AAS long enough to cause any damage. That said, if you have decent healthcare, it definitely wouldn't hurt to get an ECG and an ECHO, as it's always possible you have pre-existing issues.

Good advice regarding discontinuing use. 19 is young, and your potential football career isn't going to be permanently derailed by a decision to avoid AAS at this stage, whereas your health may well be. Not to say that a lot of college players don't use AAS, especially at the lower community college level where testing is often not an issue. Give it a while, find out more about your health, and definitely build up a strong base of knowledge before re-considering taking AAS.


How could he replace an AI with a SERM? They do two different things.


x2. Adex dose too high, I usualy did .5mg E3D.


If I was you I would tell your doctor for sure. How can he help if he does not know the whole truth. That said maybe you are having some other unrelated medical issue you never know.

The burning chest is kind of a strange side. Maybe your test prop is actually tren ace? just a guess


Guys my dosage of aDEX was o.5mg EOD then i switched it too o.5mg E3d , i asked a bunch of guys on my team if this could be the issue and they said they dont even use asex so that was kind of weird, & as for today i will be going to the doctors just to get a chek up on the chest pains


seriously...get off the gear and reevaluate your training and diet. The compounds you're using can be traced in your system for a good long while...better to lose your scholarship because you suck rather than because you were tested positive for AAS.

Doubt mommy and daddy will help with school if you lose out because of AAS use.


None of this makes any sense at all. My son plays football on a scholarship and it is grades over performance that keeps you on the squad. At 6'2 175lbs he is by no means a beast but his 4.3 40 speed and 3.90 GPA are.

Given your age you should easily be putting on size with a strong nutrition and workout program. AAS is not going to do crap if those two are not in order...understand that 100%. Take it from a guy with over 2 decades in AAS. Nothing will help you if done incorrectly, there is no magic pill. Everything you have stated points to a body that is not accepting AAS, you have a boat load of issues with them and with two years left of college (unless you red shirted) I would not wreck myself...take it from a guy that did. Looking at your choices, not really liking them at all, especially for a first time and plus if you pull a drug test you are dead meat with your scholarship anyways.

I was in college at 6' 145lbs. Skinny, hell yes. Ectomorph, hell yes. Nutrition, powerlifting routines, TONS of rest and more nutrition I topped out NATURALLY at 185lbs in 3 years with 9%bf.

I take AAS every day son as the result of a bad exposure. Not fun and being a person that knows a ton about them and has been the test bed for many labs on transdermal, implants, etc I know this: until you change all other things i:e; work out routine, rest, stress, nutrition no AAS will work. All you are doing to chucking $$, setting yourself up for expulsion and loss of scholarship, ruining your endocrine system, thyroid, HBP, depression, etc and getting zero in return. I would dare say the majority of AAS users fail terribly on their cycles and personally some peoples bodies just look at AAS and blow up..

As a father of a scholarship athlete I know what is. My middle son is being recruited for FB also based on his speed and grades. Stats on him are 5'10 195lbs.. not a monster either but schools need his grades and speed. My advice son is to develop your natural gifts that gave you that scholarship and let the chips fall where they may. You are not going Pro and in 2 years it is all over anyways.

Not flaming on you at all, just some fatherly advice from an old iron guy that taught his boys to just work with what you have but get the maximum out of it.


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