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Why Did Levrone Stop Using?

I’m new to this forum so I don’t know if this is the right place for this but here goes anyway. I was watching this Flex workout series which was quite a few years old with 3 top bodybuilders doing some form of workouts . All three were huge, probably bigger that I ever recall seeing them . All three seemed to be pumped up as very evenly as if it was planned they look the same as if they were on the same drug or whatever they were taking. They looked like Levrone when he was near his biggest. Here’s where I switch gears a little.

For a while levrone was huge like these guys and then all of a sudden he gets off the juice and says he’s going natural . He never says why he’s suddenly going natural but I’m guessing the doctors found if he kept on whatever drug he was on he would be in serious trouble. These guys don’t come off the drugs unless they have to. I’m wondering what the doctors could have found with Levrone that would make him stop using? Possible liver failure coming? Heartbtrouble?

I know nothing about him but likely what you mentioned. Once you start having heart problems its heard to justify continuing usage.